Makes sense

Posted by – 9 January, 2015

LabGreen want amnesty for 30,000 illegal immigrants

Posted by – 3 December, 2014

LabGreen  want 30,000 illegal immigrants (asylum seekers) to be given permanent residency, which would in essence be a de facto path way to Australian citizenship.

We need a double dissolution election that we can win

Posted by – 3 December, 2014

A small 6 minute radio grab is all the evidence one needs to know why Jacqui Lambie has no business being in the Senate. She has five more years.

The latest conservative movie: Interstellar

Posted by – 19 November, 2014

Another movie to add to the list. It turns out Interstellar is great anti-climate change hysteria movie.

CSG takes on 2GB

Posted by – 13 November, 2014

As you may be aware, 2GB has basically been running a campaign of miss-information about coal seam gas (CSG) for a few years now. Primarily driven by Alan Jones, easily influenced 2GB personality Chris Smith has also jumped on the anti-CSG campaign. Today Andrew Bolt alluded to the irrational fear of CSG on Chris Smith’s programme, and it was obvious that Smith felt uncomfortable with what Bolt was saying and the interview promptly ended. Now Ross Greenwood has invited Santos on to his programme to outline CSG operations in NSW. Alan Jones basically refuses to speak to pro-CSG advocates because they ‘keep telling lies’, or something like that. This will being to isolate Alan Jones from within 2GB on CSG and hopefully end the media campaign against CSG in NSW.

Where did the money go?

Posted by – 13 November, 2014

Another Ruddllard scandal, this time about Australia’s bid for the soccer world cup. From Fifa’s ‘ethics’ committee.

Australia also made efforts to woo Warner and Oceania chief Reynald Temarii, including providing money for development projects. In relation to Warner, the report states it “identified certain payments from the Football Federation of Australia (Ffa) to Concacaf which… appear to have been co-mingled, at least in part, with personal funds of the then Concacaf president [Warner] who at the time also was a Fifa executive committee member.”

Incredibly Fifa has cleared Qatar of any wrong doing, which probably shows how corrupt Fifa is itself.

Nova Peris is why we need recall elections

Posted by – 30 October, 2014

You may be aware of a series of racy and racist emails sent by Federal Senator Nova Peris when she was a public servant. What is being called a sex-for-taxes scandal basically involves Peris organising a trip to Australia at tax payers expense for a former athlete she clearly had a conflict of interest as a result of an extra martial affair they were carrying on. If there was a Federal equivalent of ICAC, Peris would be referred to it for investigation. In the emails Peris clearly lobbied her colleagues to approve the trip along with top up payments for the former athlete. Involving one self in a procurement or grant process when one clearly has a conflict of interest with the intended recipient is grounds for dismissal in the public service. Peris though is part of a nu-aristocracy, people that by virtue of either their race, gender, sexual preference, etc.. are able to live off others and are above the law and criticism. So Peris is unlikely to be brought to justice. From Quadrant magazine.

When there’s a conflict of interest between you and the thing you’re trying to get money for – in this case, from grants bodies set up to benefit disadvantaged Aboriginal people – then you declare it to your employer and step aside. A concept that basic is beyond dispute

Bolt rejects anti-CSG campaign

Posted by – 27 October, 2014

Alan Jones will be none too pleased (from 9:52)

What are we doing in Iraq?

Posted by – 9 October, 2014

I’m not sure we are doing a whole lot of good in Iraq at the moment. The RAAF seems reluctant to launch bombing raids into Iraq and when they do they are fairly minor in nature. We are unwilling to deploy ground troops in Iraq, for good reasons, but lets not pretend that air strikes are going to get the job done. For reasons that are no exactly apparent, the Federal government is also unwilling to go after the same terrorists in Syria. We are also being led from behind by Obama, who does not exactly have a strong track record in Iraq. It was his hasty withdrawal from Iraq which is why we are back in Iraq. And what about NATO member and regional neighbour Turkey? They are yet to take any practical military steps to stop the terrorists from becoming stronger, so I can’t see a strong national interest reason on why we would. The Federal budget is also meant to be in crisis, but the Federal government is not acting like it. I’m no peacenik but lets be honest – we are not achieving much in Iraq because we either can’t or don’t seem to won’t to. So why are we there to begin with?

The truth about cannabis – more evidence of Abbott’s labor-lite credentials

Posted by – 7 October, 2014

Liberal Party politicians, including Tony Abbott, and ex-conservative radio host Alan Jones think cannabis should be legal for ‘medical use’. Whatever that means.

A definitive 20-year study into the effects of long-term cannabis use has demolished the argument that the drug is safe. Cannabis is highly addictive, causes mental health problems and opens the door to hard drugs, the study found….. Last night Professor Hall, a professor of addiction policy at King’s College London, dismissed the views of those who say that cannabis is harmless.

‘If cannabis is not addictive then neither is heroin or alcohol,’ he said.

My first hand experience is that people addicted to cannabis are basically unemployable and sit in public housing living off welfare.

One really wonders who Tony Abbott is getting his talking points from. Tony Abbott wrote:

“My basic contention is that something that has been found to be safe in a reliable jurisdiction shouldn’t need to be tested again here,” he said in the letter. “If a drug is needed for a valid medicinal purpose though, and is being administered safely, there should be no question of its legality. And if a drug that is proven to be safe abroad is needed here, it should be available,” he said in the letter.

And what if a drug is found overseas not to be safe? Tony Abbott is basically soft on drugs, once again confirming his labor-lite credentials.