Abbott delivers where Ruddllard couldn’t

Posted by – 7 April, 2014

Tony Abbott should have done more

Posted by – 6 April, 2014

The rise of PUP could have been contained by better managing Palmer when he was in the LNP:

With just under 70 per cent of the vote counted, the businessman’s Palmer United Party (PUP) has so far picked up 12.5 per cent of the vote.

That puts PUP’s WA candidate Dio Wang in line to enter the Senate when the new Upper House sits on July 1.

If you recall the story, Palmer wanted Abbott to stop party delegates also acting as lobbyists. Seems reasonable, but Abbott did not accept the proposal.

Will we change our flag?

Posted by – 1 April, 2014

In the unlikely event that Scotland votes to leave the UK, will we change the Australian Flag?

Rugby backs changing Section 18C

Posted by – 29 March, 2014

At least former Wallabies wing Clyde Rathbone does:

Racial discrimination is conquered by the very freedom we stand to lose if we let governments dictate which speech is truly free. A culture cannot evolve simply by criminalising the expression of bad ideas……Relaxing the laws that bound our speech will invariably lead to offence, which in turn will lead to debate. Open conversation, rather than legal intervention, is our best hope for a lasting solution to racial discrimination.

Wonder where the AFL stands? Remember ‘apegate’?

The freedom haters are going to go nuts!!!!

Posted by – 25 March, 2014

I’m not just talking about repealing Section 18c of the Federal ‘racial discrimination’ Act, but also the restoration of traditional honours. Just watch republicans look to be first in line.

How is South Australia a democracy?

Posted by – 23 March, 2014

Looks like the party with the least votes on primary and 2PP is going to form government.

Independent MP Geoff Brock has announced he will support a Labor minority government in South Australia.

Mr Brock will take up the role of Minister for Regional Development in the new Labor government.

Ridiculous. We need recall elections.

The Crimean ‘referendum’

Posted by – 23 March, 2014

Probably the most informed assessment I have seen on the Crimean crisis

Having said that, over throwing a democratically elected President – as the Ukrainian para-military mob did – wasn’t the smartest move. It was illegal and decidedly anti-democratic.

Our sanctions on Russia are a joke

Posted by – 19 March, 2014

Australia has joined the EU and the USA in sanctioning 11 Russians for the invasion of the Crimea. If that is the best Australia can come up with then Putin will essentially have free reign over Eastern Europe. There is no one that will stop him.

We are starting to get a taste of a post-USA world.

South Australia is not a functional democracy

Posted by – 17 March, 2014

Here we go again. Another South Australian election in which the party (Liberals) that wins the popular vote and the two party preferred vote does not get to form government. Currently the Liberal Party is on about 53 per cent 2PP with 68 per cent of the vote counted, but has fallen short of majority government by around 3 to 4 seats.

I previously covered this vote rigging gerrymander in 2010.

The only solution is for South Australian Governor to personally fix the gerrymander issue and call a new election.

The Super 15 is on fire

Posted by – 12 March, 2014

With an average of 4.5 tries per game so far this season, the top three try scorers in the competition all being Australian and with the anticipation of 2016 Olympics rugby Super 15 2014 is shaping up as a great season.

From round 4.