Ray exposes the ‘corrupt’ QLD ALP Gov’t

Posted by – 21 August, 2015

Alan Jones ran a campaign to have the former Newman LNP gov’t voted out in QLD. Well….his 2GB colleague Ray Hadley is having none of it. Wonder what morning teas are like at 2GB HQ.

Cash for Cuts

Posted by – 18 August, 2015

AJ is back to the issues that matter this morning: Bill Shorten’s cash for cuts scam. Agree to cuts to employee conditions in return for employer cash for the union.

A victory of sorts

Posted by – 6 August, 2015

Abbott holds firm:

The ABC board has agreed to move the Q&A panel discussion program into the News Division.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott banned his frontbench from appearing on the show after it allowed former terrorism suspect and convicted criminal Zaky Mallah into the live studio audience to question a Government frontbencher in May.

Last month Tony Abbott wrote to ABC board chairman James Spigelman saying it would be appropriate to move the program from the Television Division of the ABC into the News Division.

“Frontbenchers look forward to resuming their participation on Q&A once this move takes place,” Mr Abbott wrote.

Remember the Quade Cooper booing?

Posted by – 5 August, 2015

I don’t know what on earth Adam Goodes and his supporters are going on about. Cooper had had to endure years of booing from NZ crowds (just because he plays for Australia, not his native NZ) whenever he gets his hands on the rugby ball. There has never been any great outrage from any local journalists or politicians.

Robb calls out CFMEU aligned Alan Jones

Posted by – 5 August, 2015

This morning Trade Minister Andrew Robb called out Alan Jones for pushing CFMEU arguments against trade deals. Fairly indicative of Alan Jones decent into socialism. He is now aligned with the CFMEU!

Alan Jones in alliance with Heather Ridout

Posted by – 3 August, 2015

Remember Heather Ridout? She was the business yes-woman for the Ruddllard Regime. As further evidence of AJ’s decline, he has resorted this morning to quoting Ridout in attacking free trade. Add in AJ’s role in getting the QLD LNP gov’t voted out; his irrational opposition to coal seam gas; constant lobbying for farmer welfare payments; opposition to basically every mining and gas application; and support for same sex marriage and one has to wonder where his political leanings are these days.

It is telling that Andrew Bolt has not been on AJ’s show for many months, at least.

Your favourite American author

Posted by – 3 June, 2015

Within the context of Aidos America.

Who ever put that Australian Immigration pamphlet together should get some type of art prize. America needs a Phillip Ruddock / Scott Morrison person to take control.

In case you missed it – UK leaders debate

Posted by – 4 April, 2015

Time to avoid AJ

Posted by – 2 April, 2015

It is about time the PM gave Alan Jones a wide berth. Apart from Jones’ irrational dislike of coal seam gas and therefore the QLD LNP, he is starting to lose touch.

Abbott sits through extended lecture from agitated broadcaster Alan Jones

Alan Jones now completely isolated on CSG

Posted by – 26 March, 2015

Alan Jones’ long running campaign against coal seam gas is coming undone. From Andrew Bolt:

But the NSW Labor campaign against coal-seam gas is even more disgraceful. NSW produces only 5 per cent of the natural gas it uses and soon faces soaring prices or even rationing.

But a huge gas deposit in Pilliga, bought by Santos for nearly $1 billion, and another at Gloucester could supply the state with 70 per cent of its gas for years.

Yet Foley, his campaign going backwards, has now announced a Labor government will block the Pilliga gas project from going into production.

Sure, that could win cheap votes. After all, the anti coal-seam gas hysteria is astonishing, pushed by talkback hosts and scary propaganda films such Frackman and Gasland.

But, again, almost nothing Labor claims about the Pilliga project is true.

No, it won’t affect water recharge in the Great Artesian Basin. No, it won’t use water we cannot spare. No, its fracking won’t contaminate our groundwater.

That last one is the big bogey — that fracking technology, splitting the rocks underneath to release pockets of gas, will pollute our water and kill our crops.

Yet where’s the evidence?

An inquiry by NSW Chief Scientist Mary O’Kane failed to identify a single incident of contamination by fracking in the 2.5 million wells drilled around the world.

Yet Foley still threatens to destroy a $2 billion project critical to meeting NSW’s energy needs just to profit from the fears of the uninformed.

Wonder what 2GB HQ has to say about this?