What the real choice is

Posted by – 18 August, 2011

I don’t presume to think that Tony Abbott is a big government conservative. Some people say he is, but reading Abbott’s Battelines I don’t get that feeling at all. The coming election however, will be a choice between big government and affordable government – not so much small government. I am prepared to accept this, because it sets us on the road to small government during a first term coalition government. We have to be pragmatic. Supporters need to accept this early on so they don’t get a shock come election time and become disillusioned; the same way we felt when Turnbull was leading. In this context I strongly recommend readers listen to Mark Steyn talk about his new book After America. It is essentially the Battelines for our time, the ammunition to return fire against the ABC and other ALP apparatchiks. I just wish an Australian talk back host would have Steyn on to discuss his book.