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Posted by – 3 June, 2015

Within the context of Aidos America.

Who ever put that Australian Immigration pamphlet together should get some type of art prize. America needs a Phillip Ruddock / Scott Morrison person to take control.

In case you missed it – UK leaders debate

Posted by – 4 April, 2015

Time to avoid AJ

Posted by – 2 April, 2015

It is about time the PM gave Alan Jones a wide berth. Apart from Jones’ irrational dislike of coal seam gas and therefore the QLD LNP, he is starting to lose touch.

Abbott sits through extended lecture from agitated broadcaster Alan Jones

Alan Jones now completely isolated on CSG

Posted by – 26 March, 2015

Alan Jones’ long running campaign against coal seam gas is coming undone. From Andrew Bolt:

But the NSW Labor campaign against coal-seam gas is even more disgraceful. NSW produces only 5 per cent of the natural gas it uses and soon faces soaring prices or even rationing.

But a huge gas deposit in Pilliga, bought by Santos for nearly $1 billion, and another at Gloucester could supply the state with 70 per cent of its gas for years.

Yet Foley, his campaign going backwards, has now announced a Labor government will block the Pilliga gas project from going into production.

Sure, that could win cheap votes. After all, the anti coal-seam gas hysteria is astonishing, pushed by talkback hosts and scary propaganda films such Frackman and Gasland.

But, again, almost nothing Labor claims about the Pilliga project is true.

No, it won’t affect water recharge in the Great Artesian Basin. No, it won’t use water we cannot spare. No, its fracking won’t contaminate our groundwater.

That last one is the big bogey — that fracking technology, splitting the rocks underneath to release pockets of gas, will pollute our water and kill our crops.

Yet where’s the evidence?

An inquiry by NSW Chief Scientist Mary O’Kane failed to identify a single incident of contamination by fracking in the 2.5 million wells drilled around the world.

Yet Foley still threatens to destroy a $2 billion project critical to meeting NSW’s energy needs just to profit from the fears of the uninformed.

Wonder what 2GB HQ has to say about this?

Bolt takes on Jones

Posted by – 11 February, 2015

Not for the first time Andrew Bolt has called out Jones’ for the agrarian green socialist that he is.

Tony Jones confirms his ALP bias.

Posted by – 10 February, 2015

Host of Q and A Tony Jones from last night.

TONY JONES: So how does a Prime Minister survive when 40% of his MPs vote against his leadership, because history will tell you that’s very unlikely.

Um let me re-phrase this: How does a leader of the opposition (Bill Shorten) survive when his own party voted against him becoming the leader? The ALP rank and file voted for Anthony Albanese to be the leader. It was the ALP party room that voted by Bill Shorten!

Alan Jones was on fire on fiscal and ALP issues, then he started talking about coal seam gas and mining.

CHRIS BOWEN: Well, I was just pointing out that after some of the things Alan Jones has said about previous Prime Ministers, it’s a bit rich to say every Australian should support the Prime Minister of the party.

ALAN JONES: Well, you didn’t support your two.

Hey Alan Jones: marijuana reduces your IQ!!!

Posted by – 8 February, 2015

As you know Alan Jones, the Greens, the ALP and Labor-lite Liberal MPs want marijuana legalised. Well we only need to look at the USA where the drug has been legalised to know the consequences. Firstly know one is really calling for the legalisation of marijuana, just new regulations to control its use. It is not as if the government won’t try to tax the sale and regulate the content of marijuana. From the WSJ:

…young people who become addicted to marijuana lose an average of six IQ points by adulthood. A long line of studies have found similar results—in 2012, a decades-long study of more than 1,000 New Zealanders who frequently smoked pot in adolescence pegged the IQ loss at eight points….Northwestern School of Medicine researchers reported in the Schizophrenia Bulletin in December that teens who smoked marijuana daily for about three years showed abnormal brain-structure changes. Marijuana use has clearly been linked to teen psychosis as well as decreases in IQ and permanent brain damage….The reason more are now using marijuana is because of its changing legal status—from something that was dangerous and forbidden to a product that is now considered “medicinal,” and in the states of Colorado and Washington recreational…..Legality is the mother of availability, and availability….is the mother of use….Mark A.R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, has estimated that legalization can be expected to increase marijuana consumption by four to six times.

In other words it is probably cheaper to the public purse to keep marijuana illegal than to ‘decriminalise’ its use.

We only have ourselves to blame

Posted by – 7 February, 2015

History will say that voting out the Howard government at the end of 2007 was the greatest set back for this nation since the fall of Singapore in 1942.

AUSTRALIA could have its fifth change of prime minister in just five years if Tony Abbott is rolled in a leadership spill on Tuesday.

Business leaders and economists have warned the unprecedented level of political uncertainty could jeopardise the economy and bring jobs growth to a standstill.

If Turnbull becomes PM next week, more or less it will be the beginning of the end of the Liberal Party. Preferably there will be a mass defection to the Nationals leaving Turnbull with a shell of a party to lead.

Warren Truss for PM

Posted by – 5 February, 2015

Andrew Bolt is asking readers if Turnbull took over the leadership of the Liberals if the party was still worth supporting. Well of course the answer is no. If this occurred the Nationals should withdraw from the Coalition altogether and present a viable national conservative choice at the next election. Turnbull would turn the Liberal Party into Labor-Lite. We would end up with two socialist democratic parties – a European style conspiracy of the politicians against the people where everyone agrees with everyone else.

Asked whether the Coalition agreement was conditional, Mr Truss said: “Well the Coalition agreement is between Tony Abbott and me.

“And that’s an agreement we submitted to the Governor-General so that she was able to commission the government.

“So that is an agreement between the Nationals and the Liberals but particularly an agreement between Tony Abbott as leader of the Liberal Party and me as leader of the Nationals.’’

He said there would have to be a “different agreement’’ if there was a different leader.

“But at this stage I don’t think that is likely to be an issue,’’ Mr Truss said.

Socialism at work: people never learn

Posted by – 3 February, 2015

It is like some people are unaware that a certain side lost the Cold War.

Venezuela’s ‘socialist paradise’ turns into a nightmare: medical shortages claim lives as oil price collapses…..In a shopping centre in the Sabana Grande district last week, women queued outside a pharmacy for nearly two hours to buy two four-roll packs of toilet paper. In what has become the ultimate indignity for the Venezuelan public – and a huge embarrassment for the regime – shortages of toilet paper mean it is now strictly rationed….real inflation now running at nearly 100 per cent, according to Robert Bottome of the VenEconomia think-tank…McDonald’s has no potato fries to serve because the company’s supplier cannot find the money to import real potatoes, so instead it serves a cardboard tasting substitute made from yucca….In a branch of the Farmatodo pharmacy, one entire wall is stocked just with toothpaste and mouthwash and another with bottles of Pepsi, following a government directive ordering stores to fill the shelves with anything to give the appearance of plenty. Curiously, for all the toothpaste on display, there are no toothbrushes….“There are 600 to 700 people on the cardiac waiting list,” said a doctor, who detailed shortages of everything from gauzes to sample tubes. “If they don’t receive the surgeries they need, more of them will die.”

…and then there is Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Bill Shorten’s Australia.