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Even ALP pollster agrees that Rudd would lose an election

Posted by – 11 May, 2010

Essential Research – de facto ALP polling outfit – has rescued some of its thin credibility by claiming its latest poll on Federal 2PP is now 50/50 between the ALP and the Coalition. As early as last week it was still claiming 2PP 53/47 to the ALP, even though both Newspoll and Fairfax had both parties either locked up or the Coalition ahead. That’s were Essential Research’s credibility ends however. The same poll sample had a majority people favouring both an increase in mining company tax but also a cut in general company tax, but then reporting that most people thought the government was going in the wrong direction on tax. You figure it out.

Buried in the report was another poll that found that climate change is an even less important issue. Most people are concerned about the economy, health, job security and housing affordability. Hardly anyone cares about government placing sacrificial tax-payer funded lambs on the alter of Mother Gaia.