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Thanks Gillard!!!!

Posted by – 2 August, 2014

Not exactly reassuring.

THE risk of terror attacks on Australian soil, including on public transport networks in capital cities, is significantly ­increased because the Gillard government downplayed a report on the dangers posed by returning home-grown jihadists.

The blunt assessment was ­issued yesterday by Anthony Whealy QC, the former judge who chaired a 2013 counter-­terrorism review and who sentenced Australian terrorist Khaled Sharrouf to five years’ jail.

Clearly the sentences for such offenses need to be toughened.

‘Not the Qantas Club guys that went array’

Posted by – 4 June, 2014

Just Obama releasing 5 terrorists from Club Gitmo for one US Army alleged deserter.

Our sanctions on Russia are a joke

Posted by – 19 March, 2014

Australia has joined the EU and the USA in sanctioning 11 Russians for the invasion of the Crimea. If that is the best Australia can come up with then Putin will essentially have free reign over Eastern Europe. There is no one that will stop him.

We are starting to get a taste of a post-USA world.

Its time to ramp up Defence spending

Posted by – 4 March, 2014

Is anyone uneasy about China’s support for Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine?

Russia has said China is largely “in agreement” over Ukraine, after other world powers condemned Moscow for sending troops into the country.

China claims most of the South China Sea, large sections of Japanese and South Korean airspace and parts of India.

Treason = Mark Scott

Posted by – 20 November, 2013

treason (n.)
early 13c., from Anglo-French treson, from Old French traison (11c.; Modern French trahison), from Latin traditionem (nominative traditio) “a handing over, delivery, surrender” (see tradition). Old French form influenced by the verb trair “betray.” In old English law, high treason is violation by a subject of his allegiance to his sovereign or to the state; distinguished from petit treason, treason against a subject, such as murder of a master by his servant.

Brendan Nelson should resign

Posted by – 19 November, 2013

The following interview on 2GB indirectly makes a pretty strong case for the head of the Australian War Memorial Brendan Nelson to resign.

Cultural vandals

Posted by – 29 October, 2013

Looks like the War Memorial is run by the pro-ALP anti-God brigade.

THE Australian War Memorial has abandoned a proposal to remove the words “known unto God” from the Tomb of the Australian Unknown Soldier after the personal intervention of Tony Abbott. The memorial’s governing council decided at its meeting in August to replace two inscriptions on the tomb at the Canberra memorial with words from a speech by Paul Keating.

Seriously, the entire council should be sacked, including none other than Australia’s leading anti-Christian bigot Peter Fitzsimons and the rank fool Brendan Nelson. I’m not certain the council can be trusted to run the AWM now that it has been revealed that they place Paul Keating above God.

To replace an inscription chosen by men and women who lived and fought in the Great War with the words of a living political figure, however, and a controversial one at that, is a frightening act of hubris that politicises our most sacred memorial…

I think this example is symbolic of how the tax-payer funded political left want to replace religious belief, the Constitution and the Monarchy with their own heroes.

Syria – what’s it got to do with us?

Posted by – 29 August, 2013

I find it amazing that Rudd is considering leaving the election campaign to go to the G20 conference to talk about Syria. Maybe he realises that he is going to lose the election and so might as well have one final overseas junket?

In any case, I don’t think launching a few missiles into Syria is going to stop anyone from using chemical weapons. Let’s face it, Syria is on the other side of the planet; we have no connection whatsoever to Syria; our Navy does not have long range cruise missiles and we are not about to send over a squadron of Hornets with their JASSMs. So from Australia’s perspective, as horrible as the situation is, Syria is basically a non-issue. There is nothing we can or are prepared to do other than talk.

I wonder who the ADF will be voting for?

Posted by – 23 August, 2013


I’ve never seen a Tony Abbott post receive so many ‘likes’ so quickly.

Snowden – is he a hero?

Posted by – 2 August, 2013

Is the apparent type of indiscriminate surveillance undertaken by the USA (presumably Australia as well) of its own law abiding citizens right? Seems to me that the same arguments made against WikiLeaks could be made against the N – S – A.

In the fanatically puritanical view of WikiLeaks, no one and no organization should have anything to hide. It is scarcely worth arguing against such a childish view of life…….

The dissolution of the distinction between the private and public spheres was one of the great aims of totalitarianism. Opening and reading other people’s e-mails is not different in principle from opening and reading other people’s letters. In effect, WikiLeaks has assumed the role of censor to the world, a role that requires an astonishing moral grandiosity and arrogance to have assumed. Even if some evils are exposed by it, or some necessary truths aired, the end does not justify the means.

Video here for more argument.

Even if you are against Snowden, do you really want a government contractor / official like Snowden going through your private details?


A pattern of cover up

Up to 35 CIA operatives were working in the city during the attack last September on the US consulate that resulted in the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, according to CNN.

Apparently they were running guns, or something….

Interesting analysis on Snowden

If you want to understand the difference between the two kinds of ‘conservatives,’ take a look at the debate over Edward Snowden, a contract employee at the US National Security Agency…..Mr Snowden has exposed the kind of secret surveillance on American citizens which the US Constitution forbids. The man is a hero. The ones who ought to be facing prosecution in all this are the members of the administration who are running the illegal surveillance. The one who ought to be facing impeachment is President Obama for sanctioning the snooping, which is in contravention of the fourth amendment to the Constitution which he swore to uphold.

………….The fourth amendment of the ten first amendments known as the Bill of Rights says: ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probably cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.’

What this means is that there is a requirement for search warrants when any public authority wants to search individuals or their houses, or to seize any property in connection with an investigation. No law-makers have the right to over-ride this constitutional protection: the US Senate and House of Representatives are not the House of Commons.

It is not Edward Snowden who……..‘disdains allegiance to the rule of national law.’ It is President Obama and his top security officials.