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Setting the record straight

Posted by – 15 September, 2015

I would just like to point out that I was the first to coin the term Labor-lite. I also described Abbott at one point as labor-lite as well and Turnbull.

The Arrogance of the Sciences

Posted by – 12 March, 2014

Let’s not kid ourselves and think that science has all the answers – especially government funded science.

It is still the guilty party

Posted by – 31 July, 2013

In light of the findings by the ICAC against senior NSW figures Eddie Obeid and Ian McDonald I think we have found a new election slogan for 2013: The Guilty Party.

“People want to see the guilty party punished. And you don’t punish the guilty party by giving them another term of office,” the Opposition Leader said.

Mr Abbott said Mr Rudd could not walk away from his government’s links to the NSW branch, and those involved in the scandal.

He said Foreign Minister Bob Carr had, as NSW premier, appointed Mr Obeid as a minister, while cabinet minister Tony Burke had admitted staying at Mr Obeid’s ski lodge and Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese defended Mr Obeid’s preselection when it was under threat.

He also highlighted current NSW branch secretary Sam Dastyari’s appointment as one of Mr Rudd’s key election strategists.

Also include the following current scandals: ALP MP Craig Thomson has been charged with offences relating to corruption; former national ALP President Michael Williamson has been charged for corruption and attempting to obstruct the course justice;  and there is an ongoing Police investigation into Gillard’s legal dealings with the AWU from the 1990s.

Consider these past scandals involving senior ALP figures:

  1. Convicted of child sex offences: Milton Orkopoulos, Keith Wright, Bill D’Arcy and Terry Martin. Furthermore, former ALP Federal Senator Bob Collins committed suicide with multiple child sex charges pending and SA MP Bernard Finnigan is facing child pornography charges.
  2. Phuong Ngo organised a hit on fellow ALP politician John Newman.
  3. Former Premier Brian Burke was convicted of misappropriating union funds
  4. Burke’s Deputy David Parker was convicted of perjury
  5. Gordon Nuttal and Rex Jackson for bribery
  6. Merrilyn Rose for extortion
  7. Richard Face for making a false statement to the ICAC