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Top Gear claiming Ford Falcon as British

Posted by – 25 June, 2013

From Top Gear’s 20th Season. A line up of the ‘Best of British’. See the hearse and limousine.

Now that it is summer time

Posted by – 18 January, 2013

Tyre selection is more important than the type of power train in 95 per cent of cases.

Stick to driving

Posted by – 24 October, 2012

About as ridiculous as the name it sports.

What about the Co2 emissions ?!?!?!

Posted by – 25 August, 2012

McLaren should have won.

Real corruption

Posted by – 28 April, 2012

Another green scare

Posted by – 7 February, 2012

Why has Alan Jones bought into this Green scare?

Here is the other video:

Fast Foward

Posted by – 4 February, 2012

Ford Falcon less than 8 litres per 100km

Posted by – 3 January, 2012

While not officially announced, Ford has let slip the fuel usage figures for the new Ecoboost Falcon in their latest brochure:

By injecting small amounts of highly pressurised fuel into the combustion chamber, the EcoBoost® engine increases fuel efficiency by up to 20%…when compared to the I6 petrol engine.

That works out to be 7.92 litres per 100km. Now Ford just needs to add in the ZF 8-speed transmission and lose some weight off the front.

The great ‘renewable energy’ con. Witness statement #355,555.

Posted by – 26 November, 2011

From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientsts:

………….meeting the world’s total energy demands in 2030 with renewable energy alone would takean estimated 3.8 million wind turbines (each with twice the capacity of today’s largest machines), 720,000 wave devices, 5,350 geothermal plants, 900 hydroelectric plants, 490,000 tidal turbines, 1.7 billion rooftop photovoltaic systems, 40,000 solar photovoltaic plants, and 49,000 concentrated solar power systems. That’s a heckuva lot of neodymium.

Unfortunately, “renewable energy” is a meaningless term with no established standards. Like an emperor parading around without clothes, it gets a free pass, because nobody dares to confront an inconvenient truth: None of our current energy technologies are truly renewable, at least not in the way they are currently being deployed. We haven’t discovered any form of energy that is completely clean and recyclable, and the notion that such an energy source can ever be found is a mirage.

Clearly the Japanese have not heard of the NBN

Posted by – 24 November, 2011

I don’t know what might come of it, although it does go to show that the ALP government no nothing about innovation.

Japanese semiconductor group Rohm, working with Osaka University researchers, has showed off a prototype chip it says can pump an impressive 1.5 Gbps down a wireless channel using carrier frequencies in the Terahertz range.

The difficultvery difficult Terahertz band – frequencies between 100 GHz and 10 THz – has been the focus of a frenzy of academic research. Faster than conventional wireless frequencies (but still below the visible light spectrum), successful deployment here would unblock the bottlenecks that now confront wireless development.

Someone is bound to eventually solve spectrum efficiency and management issues.