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The Great NRL Scandal (pending)

Posted by – 10 September, 2015

Not surprised that this is not making headlines amongst the Australian media, given that most of the commercial and pay TV sports channels are dependent upon NRL advertising revenue:

Ben Ryan is the coach of the Fiji sevens team and has seen first-hand the deception and duplicity used by unscrupulous agents to lure players abroad. “There are so many flaky agents around,” Ryan says. “Rugby league is doing some disgraceful things in Fiji – sending players one-way tickets to Australia on visas that don’t allow them to play professional sport, so they are immediately breaking the law. Then they outstay their visa, get deported and they are banned from going overseas ever again for work they might have done in the future. That is effectively a life sentence.”

Some of the ‘Fijian’ rugby union players mentioned in the article are essentially Australian like Nemani Nadolo, who happens to play for Fiji because the Waratahs (for some reason) did not want him.

Remember the Quade Cooper booing?

Posted by – 5 August, 2015

I don’t know what on earth Adam Goodes and his supporters are going on about. Cooper had had to endure years of booing from NZ crowds (just because he plays for Australia, not his native NZ) whenever he gets his hands on the rugby ball. There has never been any great outrage from any local journalists or politicians.

Where did the money go?

Posted by – 13 November, 2014

Another Ruddllard scandal, this time about Australia’s bid for the soccer world cup. From Fifa’s ‘ethics’ committee.

Australia also made efforts to woo Warner and Oceania chief Reynald Temarii, including providing money for development projects. In relation to Warner, the report states it “identified certain payments from the Football Federation of Australia (Ffa) to Concacaf which… appear to have been co-mingled, at least in part, with personal funds of the then Concacaf president [Warner] who at the time also was a Fifa executive committee member.”

Incredibly Fifa has cleared Qatar of any wrong doing, which probably shows how corrupt Fifa is itself.

Rugby backs changing Section 18C

Posted by – 29 March, 2014

At least former Wallabies wing Clyde Rathbone does:

Racial discrimination is conquered by the very freedom we stand to lose if we let governments dictate which speech is truly free. A culture cannot evolve simply by criminalising the expression of bad ideas……Relaxing the laws that bound our speech will invariably lead to offence, which in turn will lead to debate. Open conversation, rather than legal intervention, is our best hope for a lasting solution to racial discrimination.

Wonder where the AFL stands? Remember ‘apegate’?

The Super 15 is on fire

Posted by – 12 March, 2014

With an average of 4.5 tries per game so far this season, the top three try scorers in the competition all being Australian and with the anticipation of 2016 Olympics rugby Super 15 2014 is shaping up as a great season.

From round 4.

The conspiracy continues

Posted by – 26 August, 2013

After a good qualification performance it was inevitable that something would be wrong with Webber’s car on race day:

The Australian started third on the grid behind Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, but he was already struggling before the lights even went out as he had a problem with his clutch…..”The two practice starts we did were diabolical. The clutch was like tractor. That’s where we were. It turned out to be not great. In the end, you murder the tyres trying to recover and it just snowballs. The win would have been difficult, but we had pace for the podium.”

To recap: Webber had KERS reliability issues for the first three races of 2011, as well as for Canada, Spain, Italy and Singapore. In 2012, Webber had KERS issues for Australia, Bahrain, Canada, India and USA. In 2013, Webber suffered KERS issues in Australia and in Hungry. These do not include KERS issues that occurred in practice sessions. Webber was also adversely affected by a fuel error at the 2013 qualifying period for the Chinese GP. I don’t have a count of the number of clutch related issues, but my general impression is that the problem is not uncommon.

The incompetence continues

Posted by – 29 July, 2013

I have previously covered the mechanical woes suffered by Webber at RBR. The issues continue

Mark Webber has called Red Bull car troubles “stupid” and “embarrassing” after another KERS failure hampered his efforts in qualifying in Hungary (2013).

He recovered in the race to finish 4th.

Webber had KERS reliability issues for the first three races of 2011, as well as for Canada, Spain, Italy and Singapore. In 2012, Webber had KERS issues for Australia, Bahrain, Canada, India and USA. In 2013, Webber suffered KERS issues in Australia and now in Hungry. These do not include KERS issues that occurred in practice sessions. Webber was also adversely affected by a fuel error at the 2013 qualifying for the Chinese GP.

How did Deans stay coach for so long?

Posted by – 7 July, 2013

Robbie Deans has been Wallabies coach for 6 years. Probably his most controversial decision in that 6 year period was picking James O’Conner as fly half for the Lions series. This decision was roundly and comprehensively rejected from seasoned commentators, spectators, and for what it is worth even the twitterati.

Eventually everyone other than Deans was vindicated. We had three fly halves playing Super 15 that could of out performed JOC in the Lions series. It is no surprise then that the Rebels have decided to basically sack JOC for 2014.

Wallabies five eighth James O’Connor’s playing future in Australia is under a cloud after the Melbourne Rebels opted not to offer him a Super Rugby contract for 2014.

Even more perplexing was Deans’ decision to select Pat McCabe for the Lions series, even though McCabe has struggled all season to make the Brumbies starting XV under Jake White. Then of course Deans selected Berrick Barnes after he had only played 40 minutes of Rugby for the Waratahs in 2013. The Wallabies were fortunate Barnes was knocked out in the first Lions game, because his kick to George North, who scored a try, basically lost the series for the Wallabies. And last but not least Kurtley Beale, who was pulled out of a rehab clinic for alcoholics and thrown into the Wallabies at short notice. No surprises that his kicking throughout the entire Lions series was wayward.

Deans opted for the same personnel that had failed the Wallabies in the past and ignored the form Australian players of the Super XV (Mogg is the exception, but his selection was forced upon Deans because of injuries).


Sanity finally prevails.

Ewen McKenzie will coach the Wallabies to the 2015 Rugby World Cup after the Australian Rugby Union released Robbie Deans from his two-year contract six months early.

The final evidence.

….two players missed the bus to training late last week.

Which two? Guess.


But, of course, nothing happened. The expedient thing was to bury the whole episode and pretend it never happened. It was the smart thing to do. It was the practical thing. And it was utterly the wrong thing to do because it showed everyone within the Wallabies who really cares — which is just about everyone — that the cultural cancer within the team was utterly out of control.

I think the entire rugby ‘family’ is fed up with the idiots that are currently in the team.

An era is over

Posted by – 27 June, 2013

Sad, but all things come to an end.

Red Bull driver Mark Webber has confirmed he will quit Formula One at the end of the season and join up with Porsche’s new sportscar programme.

The 36-year-old Australian will bring down the curtain on his 12-year F1 career, which saw him win nine grands prix, claim 36 podiums and 11 pole positions.

Webber, though, is looking forward to the challenge at German sports company Porsche, who is set to take part in Le Mans 24 Hours next year.

Apparently he was offered an extension by RBR, which must say something about his qualities as a competitor. Webber was also very well liked by F1 fans. He deserved to win the 2010 championship, but a broken collar bone while mountain biking put an end to that.

The endurance series is every bit as challenging as F1 and, with the way the 2014 F1 regulations are panning out, might end up as the pinnacle of motor sport very soon.

Two of his greatest moments. After RBR decided to favour Vettel over Webber by giving Vettel an updated and improved front wing at the Spanish GP, Webber came out and won the race and afterwards uttered the following immortal words to his team.

And one of the greatest overtaking moves in F1 history.

Another Robbie Deans FAIL

Posted by – 24 June, 2013

From Eddie Jones on what everyone, other than Wallabies management, already knew

What the game showed up was Robbie Deans’ decision to select James O’Connor at  No 10. He was out of sync with the players around him and his performance showed he is not a Test fly-half.