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Posted by – 23 February, 2013

Interesting history of global warming and environmentalism – interview here.

Rupert speaks

Posted by – 7 January, 2013


Hopefully his employees will listen. WSJ:

Did you know that the Earth is getting greener, quite literally? Satellites are now confirming that the amount of green vegetation on the planet has been increasing for three decades. This will be news to those accustomed to alarming tales about deforestation, overdevelopment and ecosystem destruction.

Increasing levels of Co2 account for around 50 per cent of the extra greening.

My favourite new website

Posted by – 5 October, 2012

We Want Coal Seam Gas

We are under fished

Posted by – 13 September, 2012

Australia is a nation that encapsulates some of the largest bodies of water in the world, with a relatively small population and yet we import 75 per cent of our seafood, mostly from south east asia. Some key facts from IPA representative Walter Starck:

No marine species in Australia are threatened with extinction by fishing.
No severe population collapse due to overfishing has been documented in Australia.
No reduction in marine biodiversity from fishing has been documented in Australia.
The overall harvest rate for Australian fisheries is the lowest of any nation.
The productivity of Australian waters is not unusually low.
The catch rate of Australian fisheries is indicative of healthy stocks, not of overfishing.

Can’t say I am surprised that this government has given into an astro turf GetUp campaign by baning the super trawler in question. In doing so environment minister Tony Burke is ignoring advice from his won fisheries and scientific experts, and contradicting his own words in the space of two weeks. As the editorial of The Australian says:

…yet again, politics trumps good policy and responsible government yields to mob rule.

Imagine, an investor spends years and millions negotiating for the trawler to be brought to Australia, you get approval by comlying with a raft of complication and intrusive conditions and just when you are about to fish Tony Burke has a panic attack and closes your operation down.

Furthermore, the legislation Burke Brought before the Parliament had to be withdrawn and amended because it was so poorly drafted. The ALP can’t even get their back flip right.

I don’t have a problem with whaling

Posted by – 5 July, 2012

South Korea has announced plans to commence whaling. My reaction? I don’t have a problem with it as long as the species population can support it.

Julia Gillard said there was “no excuse” for whaling in any country and expressed regret over South Korea’s announcement it planned to follow Japan by hunting the mammals in what it says is the name of scientific research.

With the way Gillard has failed to handle our relationship with Asia, I anticipate that South Korea will be  put offside by Gillard’s clumsy approaches.

Whales are to many atheists what Holy Cows are to Hindus.

Is this paradise?

Posted by – 30 May, 2012

Hunting in National Parks and an electricity sell off.

National parks in NSW will be opened up to recreational hunters as part of a deal between the Shooters and Fishers Party and the government to ensure passage of its electricity privatisation bill.

Hopefully surrounded by coal seam gas.


Additional environmental management, sport and health measures have been introduced:

NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has done a “dirty deal” with the Shooters Party to overturn a ban on duck hunting, the NSW opposition says.

Done dirt cheap – well the cost of a few shells. Also timely given the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

'Red head at 12 o'clock. 500 metres. Fire!'


More good news, the Feds can’t touch the changes. Environmental issues should primarily be the responsibility of the states anyway – damn external relations powers which allows the Feds to meddle.

Fracking not to blame

Posted by – 27 March, 2012

For some reality, via WSJ:

Some energy companies, state regulators, academics and environmentalists are reaching consensus that natural-gas drilling has led to several incidents of water pollution—but not because of fracking.

The energy officials and some environmentalists agree that poorly built wells are to blame for some cases of water contamination. In those cases, they say, wells weren’t properly sealed with subterranean cement, which allowed contaminants to travel up the well bore from deep underground into shallow aquifers that provide drinking water.

In the rare cases where contamination may have occurred, the well simply needed another casing of cement. Problem solved.

As not covered by ‘your’ ABC

Posted by – 27 March, 2012

Uh oh:

A team of scientists led by geochemist Zunli Lu from Syracuse University in New York state, has found that contrary to the ‘consensus’, the ‘Medieval Warm Period’ approximately 500 to 1,000 years ago wasn’t just confined to Europe.

In fact, it extended all the way down to Antarctica – which means that the Earth has already experience global warming without the aid of human CO2 emissions.

1.2 million fracked wells over 50 years…..

Posted by – 24 March, 2012

…and where are all the environmental problems? From the WSJ:

Are you listening Alan Jones? The main issues I see are three-fold: respect for private property rights, payment for water usage and bringing state regulations up to speed with those in the USA. Other than that I have no problem with fracking for coal seam gas. We need energy independence as much as food independence. The two are not mutually exclusive.

Another eco-green meltdown

Posted by – 3 March, 2012

Bio-mass power generator Tilbury power plan in the UK burnt out of control for 4 days this month. Apparently it is still burning:

As many as 120 firefighters were sent to the site after the incident at 7:45 a.m. London time, Kelly Brown, a company spokeswoman in Worcester, said today in an e-mailed statement. Battling the blaze is to be “a protracted incident” as the local fire brigade covers the burning wood with high-expansion foam, it said in an update on its website at 2:48 p.m.

The power station has three wood-pellet burning units and can produce as much as 750 megawatts of electricity. The U.K. is encouraging utilities to burn biomass as a way of curbing carbon-dioxide emissions and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The fire follows a blaze at a 100,000 cubic-meter wood-pellet storage facility at the Port of Tyne in the north of England in October.

The emissions don’t look too good. Tilbury used to be a ‘dirty’ coal fired power station.