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CSG takes on 2GB

Posted by – 13 November, 2014

As you may be aware, 2GB has basically been running a campaign of miss-information about coal seam gas (CSG) for a few years now. Primarily driven by Alan Jones, easily influenced 2GB personality Chris Smith has also jumped on the anti-CSG campaign. Today Andrew Bolt alluded to the irrational fear of CSG on Chris Smith’s programme, and it was obvious that Smith felt uncomfortable with what Bolt was saying and the interview promptly ended. Now Ross Greenwood has invited Santos on to his programme to outline CSG operations in NSW. Alan Jones basically refuses to speak to pro-CSG advocates because they ‘keep telling lies’, or something like that. This will being to isolate Alan Jones from within 2GB on CSG and hopefully end the media campaign against CSG in NSW.

Bolt rejects anti-CSG campaign

Posted by – 27 October, 2014

Alan Jones will be none too pleased (from 9:52)

The great falling out?

Posted by – 25 September, 2014

Have Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones fallen out over coal seam gas (CSG)? It is unconfirmed at this point, but every time Bolt posts on the ridiculous campaign against CSG, a certain Alan of Sydney responds in the comments pushing the same ill-informed and unsupported line that Alan Jones of 2GB pushes on the radio. You be the judge, from today with the announcement that NSW is effectively extending the ban on CSG. Bolt wrote, “Another politician sacrificing jobs to pander to a green scare’.

I’ve just returned from a Queensland outback holiday.

CSG mining extends from Toowooomba to Roma.

The locals fear not just the loss of the most fertile cropping an grazing land in the world, but they fear for their water. The contamination of the aquifiers cannot be undone. What took millions of years to create cannot be remedied overnight after the benzine and cyanide and salination destroys the water.

Along the Warrego Highway between Oakey and Chinchilla, heaps of coal are stacked along the roadside. Massive mountains of it. Not wetted down, the coal dust is free to blow for kilometers where it pleases.

This is criminal. A local gas reservation policy will end shortages overnight and this mad rush for mining for export can become sane again.

Normally, I agree with Andrew but his position on CSG is uninformed and frankly dangerous given his ignorance and large soapbox.

Coal Seam Gas is safe

Posted by – 12 March, 2014

A small amount of toxic CSG chemicals leaked from a waste pond operated by Santos. No humans, stock or wildlife were threatened. Santos was given a small $1500 fine, reflecting the trivial nature of the leak. It did not stop anti-CSG campaigner Alan Jones from once again aligning himself with the Greens in going after CSG on his morning programme. His go to man? Someone from Wyoming. However:

It’s instructive The Greens have flown Wyoming activist and farmer Mr John Fenton more than 13,000km to make an unfounded case against production of much needed gas resources.

It’s also worth noting the orchestrated visit is avoiding country Queensland where gas production and agriculture are working side by side.

In stark contrast to Mr Fenton’s claims, the US EPA has categorically said there is no proven case of water contamination anywhere in the US as a result of hydraulic fracturing.

So what’s the problem? This nation is in financial crisis. The rate of return for business and the government on CSG is higher than the small amount of agricultural land that will be impacted by CSG.

Alan Jones hits rock bottom – looks to Richard Dennis for advice

Posted by – 21 August, 2013

Alan Jones has looked to leftist think tank the Australian Institute to take on his enemies in the mining and gas industry. His go to man from the Australia Institute is former Bob Brown adviser Richard Dennis.

Interview here. This is a summary:

First up AJ uses Dennis to try and discredit claims that some how the mining and gas industry is not important to jobs growth in Australia. There are 27,000 jobs directly related to CSG in QLD alone, most of which are in reginonal Australia.

Secondly, claims that the Feds should take greater control  over mining and gas operations away from the States.

Thirdly, claims the mining and gas industry needs a ‘social licence’  – whatever that is – to conduct operations.

Fourthly, somehow CSG uses techniques that are new and untested and the laws ‘did not foresee’ gas wells. (It has been around in Australia and the USA for decades – over 1 million fracked wells in the US alone).

Fifth, the Feds should lockup large sections of land to stop development – sounds like de facto national parks.

Six, set up another government environmental agency – claims that CSG makes people sick (completely unsubstantiated)

Seventh, recommends another national policy governing wealth creation.

Eight, falsely claims that the public do not know what fracking chemicals are used in CSG.

Nine, falsely claims CSG and coal chemicals are flushed into rivers generally -doing that is completely illegal!

Ten, the Feds, States and regulators need to stop the mining and gas industry altogether. (This is crazy stuff).

Eleven, claims that water has no guaranteed protection – once again completely false.

Let’s be clear: No other conservative journalist or commentator wants to touch Dennis or the opponents of the CSG industry. AJ is out there by himself, cavorting with leftist green radicals in some campaign to undermine wealth creation and energy security.

The five big shale / coal seam gas lies

Posted by – 19 August, 2013

Not my list, but an increasing number of journalists are wising  up to the CSG scare. From the UK Times via Delingpole.

Here are five things that they keep saying which are just not true. First, that shale gas production has polluted aquifers in the United States. Second, that it releases more methane than other forms of gas production. Third, that it uses a worryingly large amount of water. Fourth, that it uses hundreds of toxic chemicals. Fifth, that it causes damaging earthquakes.

Noting that very few gas wells in Australia are fracked at all, less than 10 per cent according to the industry.

Two recent peer-reviewed studies concluded that groundwater contamination from fracking is “ not physically plausible.”…..Tens of thousands of wells drilled, two million fracking operations completed and not a single proven case of groundwater contamination. Not one. It may happen one day, of course, but there’s few industries that can claim a pollution record that good.

So what’s the issue?

I want CSG

Posted by – 3 April, 2013

Alan Jones was banging on today about a 4 Corners CSG programme that predictably paints CSG  in a bad light. It is obvious from the following unedited interview with the ABC that the reporter does not understand the issue. Thousands of observations exist for natural methane gas releases in QLD prior to CSG operations. Yet anti-CSG proponents want to blame all current methane gas releases in QLD on CSG.

On balance, I support Sea Shepherd (SS)

Posted by – 25 February, 2013

From our southern waters:

A JAPANESE military ship has joined its whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, increasing tension between whalers and activists after collisions last week.

The 140m-long Shirase icebreaker, operated by the navy and described by activists as “intimidating”, arrived near the Nisshin Maru whaling ship and Korean-flagged fuel tanker Sun Laurel in Australia’s Antarctic territory early yesterday morning, Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson said.

Let me preface what I am about to write by stating:

  1. I don’t believe anything the people associated with the Sea Shepherd (SS) say;
  2. I don’t necessarily have a problem with whaling as long as it can be conducted in a sustainable manner; and
  3. Nations that engage in whaling  must respect the  territorial claims made by other nations when conducting harvest operations.

Having said all that the SS are serving a public good.  Like a militia unit, the SS are harassing a foreign power (Japan), which has complete disregard to our territorial claims to Antarctica. It is an insult enough that Japan is even conducting economic activities in our Antarctic waters (they claim it is for scientific purposes) without our permission and without paying the requisite license fees to the Commonwealth (if whaling was legal), even worse is that whaling is an activity that Australians generally find offensive. It is like Japan is rubbing our noses in it. So as far as I am concerned, the SS can employ the full spectrum of non-lethal militia tactics against the Japanese to discourage them from whaling in our waters.

Japan may not recognise Australia’s claims over Antarctica, but our territorial claims are more credible than Japan’s claims that their whaling operations are for scientific purposes.


Yes, they are pirate-like:

A court in the US has labelled conservationist group Sea Shepherd “pirates”.

Judge Alex Kozinski said the group’s “aggressive and high-profile attacks” on Japan’s whaling fleet endangered lives, ordering them to stop.


He added that the illegality of whaling in Australian waters did not excuse Sea Shepherd’s activities.

“It is for Australia, not Sea Shepherd, to police Australia’s court orders.”

Sea Shepherd argues that the US court has no jurisdiction over foreign-flagged vessels sailing in Australian waters with an international crew.

Don’t you think it is time the Australian government maned-up and did something about Japan willfully ignoring Australia’s territorial waters? For me the issue is not about whaling, but the integrity of Australia’s territorial interests. If Japan can get away with conducting whaling, or whatever other activity it might be, in Australia’s waters why wouldn’t some other nation at some point in the future also take advantage of our slack attitude to our own claims to certain territories? Yes, the SS are a bunch of you know what (Sir Francis Drake come to mind?), but the issue is not about the SS. Japan is conducting scientific economic activities in our waters without our say and the Commonwealth is not doing anything about it.


Posted by – 23 February, 2013

Interesting history of global warming and environmentalism – interview here.

Rupert speaks

Posted by – 7 January, 2013


Hopefully his employees will listen. WSJ:

Did you know that the Earth is getting greener, quite literally? Satellites are now confirming that the amount of green vegetation on the planet has been increasing for three decades. This will be news to those accustomed to alarming tales about deforestation, overdevelopment and ecosystem destruction.

Increasing levels of Co2 account for around 50 per cent of the extra greening.