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What if

Posted by – 9 October, 2015

Interesting – wonder what Australia might looks like under sharia law. I guess the EU will be given a taste of it….within 30 years or so.

Ray exposes the ‘corrupt’ QLD ALP Gov’t

Posted by – 21 August, 2015

Alan Jones ran a campaign to have the former Newman LNP gov’t voted out in QLD. Well….his 2GB colleague Ray Hadley is having none of it. Wonder what morning teas are like at 2GB HQ.

A victory of sorts

Posted by – 6 August, 2015

Abbott holds firm:

The ABC board has agreed to move the Q&A panel discussion program into the News Division.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott banned his frontbench from appearing on the show after it allowed former terrorism suspect and convicted criminal Zaky Mallah into the live studio audience to question a Government frontbencher in May.

Last month Tony Abbott wrote to ABC board chairman James Spigelman saying it would be appropriate to move the program from the Television Division of the ABC into the News Division.

“Frontbenchers look forward to resuming their participation on Q&A once this move takes place,” Mr Abbott wrote.

Robb calls out CFMEU aligned Alan Jones

Posted by – 5 August, 2015

This morning Trade Minister Andrew Robb called out Alan Jones for pushing CFMEU arguments against trade deals. Fairly indicative of Alan Jones decent into socialism. He is now aligned with the CFMEU!

Time to avoid AJ

Posted by – 2 April, 2015

It is about time the PM gave Alan Jones a wide berth. Apart from Jones’ irrational dislike of coal seam gas and therefore the QLD LNP, he is starting to lose touch.

Abbott sits through extended lecture from agitated broadcaster Alan Jones

Bolt takes on Jones

Posted by – 11 February, 2015

Not for the first time Andrew Bolt has called out Jones’ for the agrarian green socialist that he is.

Hey Alan Jones: marijuana reduces your IQ!!!

Posted by – 8 February, 2015

As you know Alan Jones, the Greens, the ALP and Labor-lite Liberal MPs want marijuana legalised. Well we only need to look at the USA where the drug has been legalised to know the consequences. Firstly know one is really calling for the legalisation of marijuana, just new regulations to control its use. It is not as if the government won’t try to tax the sale and regulate the content of marijuana. From the WSJ:

…young people who become addicted to marijuana lose an average of six IQ points by adulthood. A long line of studies have found similar results—in 2012, a decades-long study of more than 1,000 New Zealanders who frequently smoked pot in adolescence pegged the IQ loss at eight points….Northwestern School of Medicine researchers reported in the Schizophrenia Bulletin in December that teens who smoked marijuana daily for about three years showed abnormal brain-structure changes. Marijuana use has clearly been linked to teen psychosis as well as decreases in IQ and permanent brain damage….The reason more are now using marijuana is because of its changing legal status—from something that was dangerous and forbidden to a product that is now considered “medicinal,” and in the states of Colorado and Washington recreational…..Legality is the mother of availability, and availability….is the mother of use….Mark A.R. Kleiman, a professor of public policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, has estimated that legalization can be expected to increase marijuana consumption by four to six times.

In other words it is probably cheaper to the public purse to keep marijuana illegal than to ‘decriminalise’ its use.

Alan Jones is now beyond the pale

Posted by – 2 February, 2015

As you may be aware, Alan Jones has been running his own inner-city like jihad against coal seam gas for some time now. Broadcasting into QLD during the recent election to get people to vote for the ALP, Jones came out with a litany of misinformation and bare based li.s – mostly about CSG. Of course he never lets facts get in the way of a good left-wing rant to protect his mates in the horse breeding racing industry. A QLD election ‘scandal’ involving AGL CSG operations is a case in point. However the reality now appears far more mundane.

After receiving the water monitoring results, AGL assessed whether the BTEX concentrations could harm the environment or affect human health, and concluded that no such harm arose. AGL then sought expert advice which confirmed its assessment that the BTEX concentrations found did not harm the environment or affect human health. “AGL then proceeded to verify the water sampling procedures including any potential contamination of the samples, review historical data, conduct site inspections, check water monitoring points and also ensure the integrity of our flow back water management system. “Following these review processes, in the interests of acting prudently and because of the community’s concern about BTEX, AGL then determined a full review of the sampling results was needed and voluntarily suspended operations. The relevant authorities – Environment Protection Authority, Office of Coal Seam Gas and the NSW Office of Water – were informed shortly after that decision was made.”

Just wondering where are all the conservative journalists, or at least those wise to the global warming scam, that are willing to take Jones on? The only reason Jones is supportive of the Federal coalition is because of his personal loyalty to Tony Abbott – beyond that it is not always clear that his loyalties lie on the right side of politics.


Jones on the radio this morning pushing marijuana and gloating about getting the QLD LNP government voted out of office. Jones is an old style inner city leftie who just happens to have a personal loyalty to Tony Abbott. That’s it.

CSG takes on 2GB

Posted by – 13 November, 2014

As you may be aware, 2GB has basically been running a campaign of miss-information about coal seam gas (CSG) for a few years now. Primarily driven by Alan Jones, easily influenced 2GB personality Chris Smith has also jumped on the anti-CSG campaign. Today Andrew Bolt alluded to the irrational fear of CSG on Chris Smith’s programme, and it was obvious that Smith felt uncomfortable with what Bolt was saying and the interview promptly ended. Now Ross Greenwood has invited Santos on to his programme to outline CSG operations in NSW. Alan Jones basically refuses to speak to pro-CSG advocates because they ‘keep telling lies’, or something like that. This will being to isolate Alan Jones from within 2GB on CSG and hopefully end the media campaign against CSG in NSW.

The great falling out?

Posted by – 25 September, 2014

Have Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones fallen out over coal seam gas (CSG)? It is unconfirmed at this point, but every time Bolt posts on the ridiculous campaign against CSG, a certain Alan of Sydney responds in the comments pushing the same ill-informed and unsupported line that Alan Jones of 2GB pushes on the radio. You be the judge, from today with the announcement that NSW is effectively extending the ban on CSG. Bolt wrote, “Another politician sacrificing jobs to pander to a green scare’.

I’ve just returned from a Queensland outback holiday.

CSG mining extends from Toowooomba to Roma.

The locals fear not just the loss of the most fertile cropping an grazing land in the world, but they fear for their water. The contamination of the aquifiers cannot be undone. What took millions of years to create cannot be remedied overnight after the benzine and cyanide and salination destroys the water.

Along the Warrego Highway between Oakey and Chinchilla, heaps of coal are stacked along the roadside. Massive mountains of it. Not wetted down, the coal dust is free to blow for kilometers where it pleases.

This is criminal. A local gas reservation policy will end shortages overnight and this mad rush for mining for export can become sane again.

Normally, I agree with Andrew but his position on CSG is uninformed and frankly dangerous given his ignorance and large soapbox.