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Credit where credit is due

Posted by – 2 January, 2012

Some how I don’t see Rudd or Gillard getting the same award or recognition.

John Howard’s decade-long prime ministership and his dogged adherence to a constitutional monarchy have earned him admission to an exclusive club with a capped membership of just 24 after Buckingham Palace announced yesterday he had been appointed a member of the Order of Merit.

So its official. I gather more awards will be forthcoming. Can anyone imagine Ruddllard getting anything approaching an award like the Order of Merit? From the Telegraph:

John Howard was Australia’s second-longest serving prime minister after Robert Menzies and was seen as a strong but sometimes controversial politician.

The Liberal Party leader came to power in 1996 at the head of a Liberal-National coalition and won three further terms in office in 1998, 2001 and 2004 before he was defeated by the Labour Party led by Kevin Rudd in 2007.

Mr Howard was at the helm of a government that joined the war in Iraq despite strong opposition at home.

It developed an – Asia-first, but not Asia only – diplomacy and also passed legislation that tackled a number of major issues from Aboriginal relations to gun control.

It wouldn’t have happened to John Howard

Posted by – 11 August, 2011

Why attend when Gillard won’t sell you fossil fuels (uranium):

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has pulled out of a meeting of heads of government from Commonwealth countries in Australia later this year, government officials in New Delhi said Thursday.

“The prime minister has decided that he will not be attending the CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) this year and he has not given a reason so far,” one official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told AFP.

How is this news?

Posted by – 26 July, 2011

The ABC is going into an apoplectic shock at the thought that Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, mentioned John Howard in his manifesto.

In a manifesto posted online under the Anglicised pseudonym Andrew Berwick, the killer quoted Mr Howard, former treasurer Peter Costello, Catholic Cardinal George Pell and conservative writer and historian Keith Windschuttle.

Is anyone seriously suggesting that Breivik was motivated to kill because of John Howard? Breivik also wrote about Winston Churchill, Bernard Lewis, Edmund Burke, Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi, John Locke, George Orwell, Roger Scruton and Frank Field, amongst others. How is this news? It is simply one of the many tactics the ABC uses to try and slime conservatives; little better than News of the World.

Some budget substance

Posted by – 11 May, 2011

I never cease to be amazed at the level of substance Howard can continue to offer the political debate after all these years and in contrast to Gillard and Swan. Here is Howard about the budget – no hyperbole or platitudes and not sounding like a used car salesman:

Now consider the news that came out of China this morning, via Bloomberg:

China’s inflation held above 5 percent in April and lending exceeded analysts’ estimates, signaling that further monetary tightening may be needed to cool the fastest-growing major economy.

Swan’s whole and entirely unconvincing return to surplus mantra is almost completely predicated on record tax revenues from exports to China.

John Howard II wins Canadian election majority

Posted by – 3 May, 2011

Last night a rare Canadian Conservative majority was won.

An old video I know – I have no problem with it. Great minds think and apparently speak alike.

Howard on Q&A the great setup

Posted by – 25 October, 2010

Howard is answering questions on Q&A tonight. At the same time the ABC is broadcasting personal abuse against Howard at the bottom of the screen from twitter account holders. Charming.

A pro-terrorist David Hicks and Saddam Hussein supporter threw his shoes at Howard when he didn’t like the answer he got about the Iraq War. It is hard to believe the ABC didn’t plan that by inviting such a feral into the auidence.

The left are asking the typical fact challenged questions about illegal immigration, ‘stolen’ generations and the Iraq War, usually preferenced about being ashamed to be Australian, etc…

The twitter respondents are raving mad that Howard has not changed his mind on the major issues of our time. The left just don’t realise conservatism is right because history is so clearly on our side. Why get blown about by the winds?

Newspoll has the Coalition ahead 52-48 tonight. This comes after the SMH poll showing the Coalition ahead 51-49 today. Apparently there has been a six point drop in the ALP primary vote outside of capital cities. Do you think the two independents are going to change their minds? Unlikely. They have made their bed with the devil and are completely burnt – like crusty fat at the bottom of a BBQ.


It is hard to believe that the ABC did not set John Howard up when one of the audience members threw his shoes at him during Q&A.

Peter Gray the shoe thrower, is basically a professional protester including having once jumped up and down on a police car.

The producers of Q&A placed Peter Gray front and centre of the audience in perfect firing line for throwing shoes at John Howard.

Gray started throwing his shows  a minute after the ABC broadcasted a Twitter comment calling on someone to commence the shoe throwing.

When the throwing began security didn’t exactly rush in to stop him. In fact it appeared they waited until he had finished throwing both his shows before they bothered to do anything.

This has to be the lowest ebb of Q&A, a programme already notorious for ambushing conservatives.

Gillard says no to Christian God, yes to the god of the dream time

Posted by – 28 September, 2010

Gillard is an atheist. Fine. Everyone is entitled to their own personal choices free of government interference. It’s called individual liberty, something the left do not always subscribed to, but something that should be respected. So it was no surprise that Gillard skipped out on the parliamentary church service to welcome in the new parliament today. Gillard also refused to swear an oath to God in becoming PM. That’s her business, no need for vain hollow acts.

However, in rejecting Christianity and in the customs that follow,why did Gillard (and Abbott!) endorse and attend the aboriginal ‘welcome ceremony’ for the new parliament today? The ‘welcome ceremony’ is a quasi-religious event that has nothing to do with the Constitution or Westminister custom. More to the point, ‘welcome ceremonies’ have nothing to do with Australia: the political idea of the world’s only unified, democratic and free continent-nation, a distinctively non-aboriginal concept. What type gall must a person have to think they can ‘welcome’ Australians to the country they and by implication their ancestors conceived of and built up?!?!

“On the occasion of this opening of the 43rd Parliament I welcome you,”

So said the chief witch doctor:

“With this welcome I express the hope of a united, reconciled nation, the oldest living culture joined with the many diverse cultures of a modern successful Australia.”

Apart from the fact that when Howard was PM no one from the left was calling for unity or political consensus, and also the habitually dubious claim that aboriginal culture is the oldest living today: what aspect of Aboriginal culture are we all meant to be reconciled with at this time?

(pause….silence….crickets chirp)

Gee where to begin, ritual torture and abuse? Welfare and drug dependency? Don’t say happy unified families and communities. This is not an aboriginal idea more an aspirational ideal shared by most Australians.


Now we have Gillard via the GG pushing the ‘first Australian’ mantra.

….the need for constitutional reform to recognise the First Australians and local government were also of “great significance in this term.”

And of course the political elite don’t mean the first people to actually identify and call themselves Australians. The first recorded English usage of the name ‘Australia’ was by Matthew Flinders in 1814. Governor Macquarie began to use the name from 1817 and from then onwards British people born in Australia began to call themselves Australian. The first Australians, a geographic and then a demographic term.

As far as we know aboriginals had no coherent concept of a continent. Supposed mythical dreams and maps interpreted and ‘discovered’ by sympathetic academics are not a substitute for the former. Nor were Aboriginals unified as a common people who identified themselves as Australians or anything of the like.

Federation gave birth to a Australia as a political and economic concept. Aboriginals were by and large separate from the Federation process, and hence debate occurred as to if they were entitled to all the privileges of citizenship, etc…

In any of this how can the political elite claim that aboriginals of today, with all their genealogical and mitochondrial dna complexities, be the ‘first Australians’? It is a claim that simply says, a group of people today, who at times have a tenuous link to another group of people who lived 222 years ago, are the first Australians. If that was all one needed to do to be Australian – just turn up and have a genealogical link – then virtually anyone arriving at any of our international airports would qualify. It make very little historical sense and I’ve yet to see an explanation for it.

The great euthanasia lie

Posted by – 19 September, 2010

Bob Brown is seeking to pressure his political partner Julia Gillard to push through plans to allow the territories to pass euthanasia bills. Euthanasia is merely legalised suicide. Invariably it starts out to assist terminally ill patients, then those without terminal illness, then those with mental conditions and eventually people that have simply given up any hope to live for a range of social and psychological reasons. Australia’s number one euthanasia advocate Phillip Nitschke has publicly stated that he wants very few restrictions on the practice, be it for age or reason. In every country where euthanasia has been implemented it has morphed into legalised suicide for adults and infanticide for children – all throughout the relevant European countries and even in the Northern Territory. For the short period euthanasia was legalised in the NT during 1996, most people that were killed under legislation had depression not a terminal illness.

Euthanasia is a not a compassionate response to mental suffering, but the easy way out for people like Bob Brown that don’t want to support with those without loving friends and family you have no desire to live. It is the type of manifestation you get from leftists who have destroyed traditional family social structures and their supporting function, because of the left’s preponderance with government growth and social experimentation.

“This won’t bring in euthanasia but it will restore the rights of the Territorians to be able to legislate for euthanasia the same as everybody in the states,” Senator Brown told Network Ten today.

“While this Bill is about territory rights, a huge majority of Australians support voluntary euthanasia and it is time for federal parliament to openly debate the issue.

This issue was debated during John Howard’s first term in office, in which a conscience vote was had and Bob Brown lost. Bob Brown’s attempts to frame the debate as being about territory rights is also dishonest. It is about legalising suicide and infanticide.  He should be open about what he really wants. For instance, Bob Brown once co-wrote a book with the other infamous Green, academic Peter Singer. They advocate infanticide, allowing it to be legal up to 6 months of a child’s life. From the National Review Online:

In case you’re not freezing yet: Singer explains that, “Newborn human babies have no sense of their own existence over time.” Hence, they’re disposable.

Infant euthanasia (Have you ever imagined seeing those two words together?) is the practice Singer is discussing. And don’t confuse it with abortion. We’re talking out-of-the-womb, mom-has-delivered, right-here-with-you-and-me babies. Where’s it happening? In Europe and the Netherlands, specifically — although word of it is slowly spreading. In Holland, the Associated Press reports that “at least five newborn mercy killings occur for every one reported.”

This is the future Bob Brown wants this country to inherit.


AMA head Dr Andrew Pesce has indicated that there are better ways to deal with paitent pain and death than implementing euthanasia.

Queensland to Howard: ‘we got it wrong in 2007’

Posted by – 22 August, 2010

Some voters couldn’t bring themselves yesterday to admit they got it wrong in 2007 and vote Liberal. It appears that not all of the Greens preferences went to Labor. Enough must have preferenced the Coalition to possibly get Tony Abbott across the line.

While the vote is still undecided what is clear is that firstly the next government will likely be a minority government. Secondly the momentum is with Tony Abbott. It seems my prediction of a late swing to the Coalition in the final night of the campaign was enough. I never believed the Galaxy 52-48 2PP to ALP poll. Given that Abbott has the momentum it would seem likely that he will be the person most likely to form government. Big call I know, but his speech last night was made by someone that realises they are in the driver’s seat.

Third and a big however. I don’t rate the three country independents at all. They are a trio of unprincipled players that will do what ever it takes to get their hobbies across the line regardless of the impact on the rest of the nation.

See what happens.

Howard on Gillard – Update with audio

Posted by – 5 August, 2010

John Howard tonight at Chatswood said: “Real people don’t need to say they are real.” Aka Julia Gillard’s “real Julia” comment. Plenty of Chinese in attendance – probably Cantonese speaking democracy lovers. Good work.

John Howard noted that Julia Gillard claimed that the My School website was the shining decision of her career during the recent election debate – compare with the GST, national security decisions, etc…of the Howard era. The best Julia can come up with is a website. Speaks volumes of the government’s overall ineptitude.

Sky News just cut the live feed to John Howard’s address. They go straight to an old Julia Gillard address. It was shaping into an awesome Howard talk. Probably too hot for Sky News. Something smells wrong here.

Sky News is back. Howard’s address is over though. Suspicious.


ABC report called it ‘electric’.

Full address here.