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Our very own axis of evil

Posted by – 11 June, 2014

Abbott is standing up to the USA, so why is the left-wing media so opposed to it?

Ottawa (AFP) – Canada and Australia’s conservative prime ministers said Monday economic concerns trump climate action, with Ottawa’s Stephen Harper insisting any nation claiming otherwise is lying.

Both leaders have faced increased criticism over their climate policies after US President Barack Obama last week unveiled the first major regulations to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions in the United States.

The Abbott no apology tour

Posted by – 10 June, 2014

I can’t help get the impression that Abbott’s talk in Canada was directed as much to Obama, who Abbott visits next, as it was to Canada. Abbott said:

Australia should always do what we can to protect our citizens, to help our friends and to advance our values.

This Australian government will never be embarrassed or apologetic about doing what is necessary to keep our country strong and our friends safe.

Abbott delivers where Ruddllard couldn’t

Posted by – 7 April, 2014

Will we change our flag?

Posted by – 1 April, 2014

In the unlikely event that Scotland votes to leave the UK, will we change the Australian Flag?

The Crimean ‘referendum’

Posted by – 23 March, 2014

Probably the most informed assessment I have seen on the Crimean crisis

Having said that, over throwing a democratically elected President – as the Ukrainian para-military mob did – wasn’t the smartest move. It was illegal and decidedly anti-democratic.

Our sanctions on Russia are a joke

Posted by – 19 March, 2014

Australia has joined the EU and the USA in sanctioning 11 Russians for the invasion of the Crimea. If that is the best Australia can come up with then Putin will essentially have free reign over Eastern Europe. There is no one that will stop him.

We are starting to get a taste of a post-USA world.

Daniel Hannan in Australia

Posted by – 5 March, 2014

The following links on Daniel Hannan in Australia on his new book :

The ABC (13 minute mark). 2GB.

Its time to ramp up Defence spending

Posted by – 4 March, 2014

Is anyone uneasy about China’s support for Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine?

Russia has said China is largely “in agreement” over Ukraine, after other world powers condemned Moscow for sending troops into the country.

China claims most of the South China Sea, large sections of Japanese and South Korean airspace and parts of India.

Worth listening to

Posted by – 24 November, 2013

Syria – what’s it got to do with us?

Posted by – 29 August, 2013

I find it amazing that Rudd is considering leaving the election campaign to go to the G20 conference to talk about Syria. Maybe he realises that he is going to lose the election and so might as well have one final overseas junket?

In any case, I don’t think launching a few missiles into Syria is going to stop anyone from using chemical weapons. Let’s face it, Syria is on the other side of the planet; we have no connection whatsoever to Syria; our Navy does not have long range cruise missiles and we are not about to send over a squadron of Hornets with their JASSMs. So from Australia’s perspective, as horrible as the situation is, Syria is basically a non-issue. There is nothing we can or are prepared to do other than talk.