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What if

Posted by – 9 October, 2015

Interesting – wonder what Australia might looks like under sharia law. I guess the EU will be given a taste of it….within 30 years or so.

Daniel Hannan in Australia

Posted by – 5 March, 2014

The following links on Daniel Hannan in Australia on his new book :

The ABC (13 minute mark). 2GB.

Believe it or not

Posted by – 4 December, 2013

Been studying up on Daniel Hannan’s new book entitled: Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World. Obviously I need to ensure that quality is ensured before making a purchase, so I am encouraged by the following answer Hannan gave to the following question, “Who do you think is in worse shape today culturally, politically and economically — the US or the UK?”

… neither the US nor the UK is an especially good advertisement for Anglosphere values these days. Canadians are doing better than either of us, Australians better yet. Their prime ministers, Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott, are the true leaders of the free world.

I think Australia has a good deal more clout than what we give ourselves credit for.

Worth listening to

Posted by – 24 November, 2013


Posted by – 23 February, 2013

Interesting history of global warming and environmentalism – interview here.

Real class

Posted by – 14 November, 2012

Apparently there are plans a foot to re-introduce third class train travel in the UK. Well, if it is anything like Victorian era 3rd class (see picture) then I’d pay for it.

By comparison, a trip on a suburban Sydney train would be the equivalent of something approaching 5th class (if there was ever such a thing).

The allies brought peace to Europe

Posted by – 15 October, 2012

The EU did not bring peace to Europe. Millions of dead allied service personnel, along with US tax-payers, brought peace to Europe.

Labour Historian: Gillard worst Aussie PM in history

Posted by – 12 July, 2012

Professor Ross Fitzgerald has a devastating take on Gillard’s incompetence.

ABC telling lies for the unions

Posted by – 12 April, 2012

The ABC is running a new history series called Australia On Trial. This week was an analysis of the Eureka Rebellion of December 1854. The programme claimed that the rebellion, particularly the trial of the rebels, gave birth to Australian democracy. This is a ridiculous claim, as David Flint has written:

The second Australian Constitutions Act, 1850, “An Act for the better Government of Her Majesty’s Australian Colonies”, brought similar reforms to the other colonies (except for the Moreton Bay district – Queensland – which was attached to the New South Wales legislative council until 1859). This act was extremely important. It empowered the various colonies to draft their own constitutions, although they were still to be approved by the Colonial Office in London before being presented for the Queen’s assent. The New South Wales and Victorian Constitutions received royal assent on July 16, 1855.

To strike down another myth: the bills were in London well before the Eureka Stockade. Whatever the Eureka Stockade achieved it was not democracy.

It was the intent of the colonies to instigate a franchise well before the Eureka Rebellion began.

It is also with some irony that the unions today wave the Eureka flag as their own, when it was used by foreign small business mining operators during the rebellion; People not exactly aligned with the union movement.

Next week is the Myall Creek massacre, which Keith Windschuttle has claimed is the only genuine frontier massacre that we know of. See what spin the propaganda chiefs at the ABC put on it.

Daniel Hannan in Australia

Posted by – 25 February, 2012

Daniel Hannan on the Alan Jones Show

Daniel Hannan on the Jon Faine Show

Daniel Hannan on ABC Counterpoint

Daniel Hannan on Q&A

The Bolt Report:

Dan Hannan – Prospects for liberty in Europe and America – Speech to IPA from Institute of Public Affairs on Vimeo.

…and at CPAC 2012, USA:

Daniel Hannan for PM.