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Cash for Cuts

Posted by – 18 August, 2015

AJ is back to the issues that matter this morning: Bill Shorten’s cash for cuts scam. Agree to cuts to employee conditions in return for employer cash for the union.

Robb calls out CFMEU aligned Alan Jones

Posted by – 5 August, 2015

This morning Trade Minister Andrew Robb called out Alan Jones for pushing CFMEU arguments against trade deals. Fairly indicative of Alan Jones decent into socialism. He is now aligned with the CFMEU!

Time to avoid AJ

Posted by – 2 April, 2015

It is about time the PM gave Alan Jones a wide berth. Apart from Jones’ irrational dislike of coal seam gas and therefore the QLD LNP, he is starting to lose touch.

Abbott sits through extended lecture from agitated broadcaster Alan Jones

Tony Jones confirms his ALP bias.

Posted by – 10 February, 2015

Host of Q and A Tony Jones from last night.

TONY JONES: So how does a Prime Minister survive when 40% of his MPs vote against his leadership, because history will tell you that’s very unlikely.

Um let me re-phrase this: How does a leader of the opposition (Bill Shorten) survive when his own party voted against him becoming the leader? The ALP rank and file voted for Anthony Albanese to be the leader. It was the ALP party room that voted by Bill Shorten!

Alan Jones was on fire on fiscal and ALP issues, then he started talking about coal seam gas and mining.

CHRIS BOWEN: Well, I was just pointing out that after some of the things Alan Jones has said about previous Prime Ministers, it’s a bit rich to say every Australian should support the Prime Minister of the party.

ALAN JONES: Well, you didn’t support your two.

We only have ourselves to blame

Posted by – 7 February, 2015

History will say that voting out the Howard government at the end of 2007 was the greatest set back for this nation since the fall of Singapore in 1942.

AUSTRALIA could have its fifth change of prime minister in just five years if Tony Abbott is rolled in a leadership spill on Tuesday.

Business leaders and economists have warned the unprecedented level of political uncertainty could jeopardise the economy and bring jobs growth to a standstill.

If Turnbull becomes PM next week, more or less it will be the beginning of the end of the Liberal Party. Preferably there will be a mass defection to the Nationals leaving Turnbull with a shell of a party to lead.

Warren Truss for PM

Posted by – 5 February, 2015

Andrew Bolt is asking readers if Turnbull took over the leadership of the Liberals if the party was still worth supporting. Well of course the answer is no. If this occurred the Nationals should withdraw from the Coalition altogether and present a viable national conservative choice at the next election. Turnbull would turn the Liberal Party into Labor-Lite. We would end up with two socialist democratic parties – a European style conspiracy of the politicians against the people where everyone agrees with everyone else.

Asked whether the Coalition agreement was conditional, Mr Truss said: “Well the Coalition agreement is between Tony Abbott and me.

“And that’s an agreement we submitted to the Governor-General so that she was able to commission the government.

“So that is an agreement between the Nationals and the Liberals but particularly an agreement between Tony Abbott as leader of the Liberal Party and me as leader of the Nationals.’’

He said there would have to be a “different agreement’’ if there was a different leader.

“But at this stage I don’t think that is likely to be an issue,’’ Mr Truss said.

Liberal MP Dennis Jensen implodes on 2GB

Posted by – 3 February, 2015

The Liberals are tearing each other apart on radio. Incredible. Listening to Dennis Jensen’s train wreck interview with Andrew Bolt, as Jensen tries to incoherently explain why he has publicly called for Abbott to resign as PM. If this continues then the Deputy PM Warren Truss may as well take over as PM – seriously.

LabGreen want amnesty for 30,000 illegal immigrants

Posted by – 3 December, 2014

LabGreen  want 30,000 illegal immigrants (asylum seekers) to be given permanent residency, which would in essence be a de facto path way to Australian citizenship.

We need a double dissolution election that we can win

Posted by – 3 December, 2014

A small 6 minute radio grab is all the evidence one needs to know why Jacqui Lambie has no business being in the Senate. She has five more years.

Nova Peris is why we need recall elections

Posted by – 30 October, 2014

You may be aware of a series of racy and racist emails sent by Federal Senator Nova Peris when she was a public servant. What is being called a sex-for-taxes scandal basically involves Peris organising a trip to Australia at tax payers expense for a former athlete she clearly had a conflict of interest as a result of an extra martial affair they were carrying on. If there was a Federal equivalent of ICAC, Peris would be referred to it for investigation. In the emails Peris clearly lobbied her colleagues to approve the trip along with top up payments for the former athlete. Involving one self in a procurement or grant process when one clearly has a conflict of interest with the intended recipient is grounds for dismissal in the public service. Peris though is part of a nu-aristocracy, people that by virtue of either their race, gender, sexual preference, etc.. are able to live off others and are above the law and criticism. So Peris is unlikely to be brought to justice. From Quadrant magazine.

When there’s a conflict of interest between you and the thing you’re trying to get money for – in this case, from grants bodies set up to benefit disadvantaged Aboriginal people – then you declare it to your employer and step aside. A concept that basic is beyond dispute