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13 Hours

Posted by – 5 November, 2015

Chalk this up as potentially more great conservative entertainment. It looks like a movie about how the Obama administration let 13 US officials die because of their own incompetence, and because they started to believe their own lies about having defeated Islamic fascism.

The latest conservative movie: Interstellar

Posted by – 19 November, 2014

Another movie to add to the list. It turns out Interstellar is great anti-climate change hysteria movie.

Cultural vandals

Posted by – 29 October, 2013

Looks like the War Memorial is run by the pro-ALP anti-God brigade.

THE Australian War Memorial has abandoned a proposal to remove the words “known unto God” from the Tomb of the Australian Unknown Soldier after the personal intervention of Tony Abbott. The memorial’s governing council decided at its meeting in August to replace two inscriptions on the tomb at the Canberra memorial with words from a speech by Paul Keating.

Seriously, the entire council should be sacked, including none other than Australia’s leading anti-Christian bigot Peter Fitzsimons and the rank fool Brendan Nelson. I’m not certain the council can be trusted to run the AWM now that it has been revealed that they place Paul Keating above God.

To replace an inscription chosen by men and women who lived and fought in the Great War with the words of a living political figure, however, and a controversial one at that, is a frightening act of hubris that politicises our most sacred memorial…

I think this example is symbolic of how the tax-payer funded political left want to replace religious belief, the Constitution and the Monarchy with their own heroes.


Posted by – 11 April, 2013

There can be only one

Posted by – 5 January, 2013

It has begun

Posted by – 29 December, 2012

Any excuse for a drive

Posted by – 21 October, 2012

‘Back to the path of righteousness’

Posted by – 25 July, 2012

No it is not a sermon, but the latest instalment of James Delingpole’s radio programme.

If it is anything like the first…

Posted by – 7 July, 2012

…it will be awesome.

For a review of the first movie consider the following review. Essentially corrupt cops, people smugglers and  rich ‘laws don’t apply to me’ Arabs get their just deserts.

Quay ‘gate’

Posted by – 31 May, 2012

The left are upset that the WA Premier has not complied with bureaucrat naming policies.

I’d like to see more disobedience from our political masters, although I would have named it Camilla Quay. Has a nicer ring to it. Planning for the future as well. Would have made the left extra mad – a nice bonus.