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KRudd is 100 per cent about things you don’t need

Posted by – 10 July, 2013


Marr is at it again

Posted by – 21 March, 2013

Stop the presses!!!!!

The saga of whether Mr Abbott punched the wall on either side of Ms Ramjan’s head prompted a strong denial from Mr Abbott when they first emerged.

But the allegations are backed up today in journalist David Marr’s new extended book version of his Quarterly Essay: Political Animal by a mystery man claiming to be a witness.

Or may be a fictitious man? David Marr has a vivid imagination as evidenced by this review. Interesting how Marr is unable to get anyone on the record who is willing to substantiate the Abbott hole in the wall allegation.

He was a bad boy

Posted by – 1 March, 2013

(Swearing involved)

The truth comes out

Posted by – 27 January, 2013

A Federal ALP MP expresses his true feelings about Australia Day. I hazard a guess that most ALP MPs think this about Australia.











When contacted about his tweets Mr Gibbons, who is retiring at the next election, said “I am not interested in talking to you” and hung up. After a backlash on Twitter, Mr Gibbons responded: “It seems I have upset a few Lib Rednecks. I’m shattered!” while he told one follower “you people will never understand the truth is seldom pretty!”

He lashed out at a Labor supporter who pleaded “Steve, you may be retiring, but we want to retain Bendigo. This stuff is unhelpful”.

ALP politicians and their supporters are generally an unhappy bunch. They seek fulfillment by bad mouthing and seeking to control others. journalists are overpaid and what is the antonym of ‘conscientious’?

Posted by – 6 December, 2012


That’s a match.

Where’s the evidence

Posted by – 7 October, 2012

Labor frontbencher Nicola Roxon claims Abbott has a problem with capable women. Okay then, show me the evidence.

Ms Roxon denied ever calling the opposition leader misogynistic, but insisted he had a problem with women. She said he routinely turned his back on her in parliament and refused to acknowledge her at social events, unlike other coalition MPs.

”Usually that’s a very friendly sort of environment because you’re a little bit off-duty, but not so with Mr Abbott,” Ms Roxon said. ”It’s known that we don’t like each other, but I don’t think that’s any reason why I’m not able to express those views.

”That’s part of politics.”

The evidence: ‘He won’t talk to me at the party’. Is Roxon serious? Ridiculous. Meanwhile, Rudd spent years verbally abusing woman, yet where was Roxon to condemn Rudd’s behaviour?

Really dangerous ideas

Posted by – 28 September, 2012

Via Media Watch Dog in mocking honour of the leftist love-in called the Festival of Dangerous Ideas on at the moment:

▪ Abortion Is Murder

▪ If We All Become Gay, Western Civilisation Will End

▪  George W. Bush is America’s Greatest President and Tony Blair is Britain’s Greatest Prime Minister

▪ If The Arab States Were As Good as Israel, The Middle East Would Be A Better Place

▪ Julian Assange Should Stand Trial For Treason In the United States

▪ Germaine Greer Has Become A Dreadfully Boring Media Tart

▪ Only Re-Colonisation Can Solve Africa’s Problems

▪ Private Schools Are Best

▪ Human Induced Climate Change Is A Load Of Crap

▪ Greed Is Good

▪ Vietnam Was a Just War

Is Pocock the most embarrassing Wallabies captain of all time?

Posted by – 6 August, 2012

From last week’s ABC QA. Roll the tape:

DAVID POCOCK: Yeah, I have never really been one to preach and try and get the guys around me to believe what I believe.


I think, you know, your personal is political so you’ve got to use your profile or whatever and get your beliefs across and things like that are really important to you. I think it’s important that you speak up about things like equal rights in marriage, all those sorts of things and start to ask bigger questions than it just being about you and your sport because, I mean, you’ve got young guys sort of looking up to you for playing rugby and you don’t want them to think, you know, there’s a guy who never, you know, protests about anything, just takes the money.

Hang on? What about never being one to preach (incoherently)? It continues.

You know, he’s got the clichéd, you know, wife, car, house, all that sort of thing. I don’t think that is great for society.

Yeah, imagine that.

You want to see people who are actually standing up for things that they believe in and trying to give back to society because as athletes you’re very privileged. You’re benefitting from society. So it’s so important that you give back and actually encourage more debate.

It did not end there though.

DAVID POCOCK: Yeah. When we started talking about getting married, you know, we have got friends who are in loving, committed, monogamous relationships but don’t have the opportunity to get married and so we decided that until they have that opportunity, we wouldn’t. You know, it’s is a personal decision and, you know, I really think the debate about equal rights in marriage, it really has to move forward and can’t be used as a political football by the two parties.

It is rather remarkable that nearly every Q&A programme has a discussion about same sex marriage. It gets worse.

We have to be challenging homophobia so that people, regardless of their sexuality, can express that. And with John I think, you know, the biggest thing in this debate is that we’re dealing with people here and how can you blame someone for what they are? People don’t choose their sexuality and we marginalise the LGBTI community for what they are. So I think this is a conversation that needs to be had but we need to, you know, discuss it compassionately and actually come to a – something that is reasonable. In my mind that’s marriage for everyone, regardless of their sexuality. We have moved forward on so many other issues and I think this is the next progression.

So opposition to same sex marriage means you have a mental problem. mmmm. Not certain what LGBTI stands for. Possibly the Lesbian, Gay, Bi Torres straight Island community.

Treasury Co2 tax models are now officially junk

Posted by – 2 July, 2012

Treasury has claimed that the CO2 tax will only impact household electricity prices by 10 per cent over five years, or on average only 2 per cent per year.

However, NSW last month announced an 8.9 per cent increase in one year due to the tax, and now ACTEWAGL in Canberra has announced a 14.2 per cent increase in prices in one year due to the tax as well.

So with this in mind, please consider a few thoughts from Julia Gillard’s former boy friend and absolute moron ALP MP Craig Emerson (watch till the end):

Who do you trust?

Posted by – 27 March, 2012

By any measure it appears that the PM is not that politically savvy or just not very bright. She does not seem to understand that it is her that has trust issues with the electorate. She is typical of many left-wingers – formally educated but seemingly without learning.