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A word about RP

Posted by – 15 September, 2011

Andrew Bolt is reporting that Senator Conroy is going to use his media inquiry to manage and regulate blogs, online posts and comments. What exactly Conroy has installed is not clear, but I think we can generally assume that it will be bad for freedom of speech for the non-compliant media.

Of course the media inquiry will not deal with government endorsed media such as the ABC, even though it is the biggest news outlet in the country with more spectrum than any other media organisation. Fairfax press maybe excluded as well.

Right Pulse is not an Australian domain website and I remain mostly anonymous. Any comments are posted via Disqus. I don’t hold anyone’s personal details, nor do I want to.

We are living in scary times. This is a desperate government that lied to get elected – without doubt – and is now trying to intimidate and silence non-compliant voices under the guise of media diversity.


It is not so much what the government has done but is threatening to do. Conroy has refused to rule out licensing newspapers and regulating online content.

Website changes

Posted by – 1 May, 2011

Apart from the inclusion of ‘facebook’ blue, readers note the addition of a ‘readability’ link for each individual post. Readers will need to click into each post to gain access to the ‘readability’ function.

Website Problems

Posted by – 14 November, 2009

Ahhhh, it appears that my website has some hidden administrators that are mucking up my permalinks and site format. Will have a fix in the next couple of days. BTW, you shouldn’t need to offer an email address to post comments now.

Small admin note

Posted by – 5 March, 2009

You’ll notice a change in the text format – no more justified text. Easier to read, though does not look as good on the website.

Welcome Tim Blair blog readers

Posted by – 25 February, 2009

I’ve also received a few links in the comments field from Andrew Bolt’s blog. This month as been the best so far, with thousands of unique readers.


Site update

Posted by – 3 October, 2008

Right Pulse has been going now for 6 months. So far I’ve had 2500 unique visitors, 8000 visits and 39000 pages accessed. Thanks everyone for your support. I am trying to devote more time to the site – that’s probably the biggest challenge I face. The site is not designed for mass readership, which might explain why hardly anyone posts comments. That’s okay by me, I don’t need to be any busier. I’ve noticed on a few occassions that issues I’ve raised have evenutally found their way into the Australian main stream media. Cheers everyone…

Back on Line

Posted by – 8 April, 2008

I’m back…