Joe Hockey: Rudd Lite – update III

Posted by – 29 November, 2009

Joe Hockey is nearly as pathetic as Kevin Rudd. One moment he is a God fearing conservative, the next minute a self-described  ‘progressive’ and now we have him meeting with John Howard:

Probably a Rudd-styled shameless media stunt in some vain attempt at winning over conservatives. He’s not fooling anyone. He has already made his bed with another Rudd Lite – MT on carbon taxation. Talk of Hockey as a ‘consensus’ candidate is absurd.


There was some talk about Hockey’s so called pre-conditions for leadership on ABC’s Insiders this morning. Well here are some conditions:

1. The public release and audit of the IPCC’s data, models and predictions,

2. If the science stands-up, then a full cost-benefit analysis of the best response to AGW – aka Copenhagen Consensus in which carbon taxation ranked as the least effective response to AGW.


Hockey has become a media tart – as they push his claim for leadership. The MSM will typically push the most left-wing candidate.


Sympathetic articles are coming in hard and fast from the ABC and the Fairfax Press for Hockey and Turnbull, like this one exploring Turnbull’s acting career while at high school. Completely irrelevant to carbon taxation, but designed to show the human side of MT. Pathetic ABC propaganda.

More coverage of the ABC’s attempt to get the most left-wing candidates across the line in the impending Liberal Party leadership vote.