Is this the most out of touch and delusional man in Australia?

Posted by – 15 November, 2011

You think Keating is bad, just listen to the applause of the audience.

As far as I can tell, Keating thinks that because China’s economy is growing we need to change our flag and constitution to accommodate the Chinese politburo. NEWSFLASH: China does not care nor have they asked and if they did no self respecting nation would comply. Australia was respected by Asia more under monarchist John Howard than of any other PM we have ever had or currently have.

  • Futureproof

    Keating’s wife left him.  Why?  Because he is an arsehole.
    The Australian people voted him out in 1996. Why? Because he is an arsehole

  • JB007

    I read somewhere it was he that terminated the marriage, in front of guests. Funny thing is, probably not true, at least the scene of telling his wife the marriage was over while having dinner with friends (?), but I almost let myself believe it because the guy was such a narcissistic arsehole who always considered himself the smartest guy in the room, didn’t matter where he was. In 1996 I found one person who admitted to voting for him. I think I only know one honest person…..