Introducing the ‘young and naive’ Julia Gillard

Posted by – 30 August, 2011

What we know about Gillardgate:

  1. Back in the 1990s Julia Gillard was in a romantic relationship with former AWU official Bruce Wilson,
  2. Bruce Wilson had Julia Gillard set-up a number of bank accounts under the guise of AWU operations,
  3. Julia Gillard was the AWU’s legal counsel,
  4. The bank accounts turned out to be funnelling union money to pay for Bruce Wilson’s personal expenses, around $1 million,
  5. When found out, Bruce Wilson sought legal counsel from Slater and Gordon as represented by Julia Gillard,
  6. Gillard left Slater and Gordon. In 1995 in Victoria’s Parliament it was claimed the reason Gillard left was to work for the AWU to pay back the money involved in Wilson’s scam.
  7. In 2001 in Victoria’s Parliament it was detailed that out of the $1 million stolen, $57,500 went directly to Julia Gillard: $17,500 was spent on clothing at Town Mode and $40,000 spent on renovations to her house in Melbourne.
  8. Gillard has generally denied any suggestion that she did anything wrong, saying that she was ‘young and naïve’ at the time and did not know what was going on.
  9. Last week an affidavit was signed by a former AWU official, interviewed and fact checked by 2UE’s Michael Smith, that substantiates claims of wrong doing and also details that Gillard and Wilson were in a de facto relationship and that AWU bribery and stand-over tactics were used to shut the issue up. It is claimed these tactics included the involvement of a Federal ALP figure, Senator Stephen Conroy…..I think.
  10. This week Julia Gillard and her people have been hurriedly ringing the media trying to get the story closed down, including getting The Australian to pull a Glenn Milne article which detailed the points above. Andrew Bolt has also been muzzled over at the Herald Sun from publishing a similar article – although this article may be published tomorrow, probably electronically. The media have been pulling any article from the web referencing the scandal from 2007.
  11. Michael Smith is still trying to get permission from 2UE to play the full 30 minute interview with his former AWU contact.

I have no idea how true or untrue the details above are and I am not accusing anyone. However, we do know that Gillard was in a relationship with an AWU official (Bruce Wilson) while also acting as the AWU’s legal counsel and that she did set-up the bank accounts under question for Bruce Wilson. Gillard has admitted as much.

My only question: Who was getting and/or reading the bank account statements, Bruce Wilson or Julia Gillard?


Here is the affidavit signed by Bob Kernohan and vetted by 2UE’s Michael Smith which details that Gillard and Wilson shared a home paid for with corrupt AWU money. The declaration is not really ground breaking. It is a case of ‘he said that, who heard that’, mmm…….No silver bullet here.

  • Clyde

    Thanks mate. Nice to have a chronology to refer to. Keep up the good fight.

  • Geoff D

    It is inconceivable that Gillard would receive large sums of money from Wilson without enquiring as to its provenance. Also, she would have known what his union salary was and the disparity between his salary and his lifestyle. Why didn’t she ask questions?

  • Dsylva18

    The relevance of this background is that Gillard’s judgent has not changed much between Craig Thomson and Bolt. Naively she supported both enthusiastically despite their dodgy dealings. It goes to the heart of the union culture. She does have questions to answer.

  • Marlogue7

    Where is Bruce Wilson now?

  • Ian Jakobi

    Wilson was actually busted for soliciting kickbacks from building developers. Under AWU president Bill Ludwig, Kickbacks and brown paper bags of money have been the hallmark of the AWU for decades. Wilson was only the bag-man but wore the charges alone. No doubt he was well looked after on his release from prison.

    Jack the Mongrel

  • Cleggyy13

    What about Bill The Greek, and the pop star they bought out Aust.This is bigger then Ben Hur I was there.

  • LeeM

    the article would be more powerful if it was referenced.

  • guardianangel

    He never went to prison! He was never charged.

  • Gary

    No one seems to be able to explain how do you set up bank accounts in different names without identification ?

  • my name is ?

    thanks this will help on my school report! (=

  • Loisjcharles

    At this point in time we don’t know weather these allegations are true or fabricated. In my opinion even if the Prime Minister is guilty she will not go down without a fight. Well that is fair enough! but as she is the Prime Minister I would think that it was incumbent on her to admitt if she was party to the allegations and not put the tax payer to the cost of her defense. But as Julia Gillard seems to have a me first attitude, and to hell with the lowly taxpayer thinks, I fear that she will drag it out as long as she can, then blame the Oposition for the loss of Parliament time.


  • Shamilton

    Trying to get my head around thefact that Gillard could spend $17,500 on clothing and still look like something the cat dragged in. Then I did a Google search on Town Mode … and the reviews for the class of clothing there was hardly inspiring…. so why am I not surprised :)

  • Donotreply
  • Tell the Truth

    You will get your answer if you listen to Allan Jones’s story re Wilson and AWU on 2UE

  • Debken

    When Abbott becomes PM lets hope that he does everything in his power to fully investigate this matter and help to get the good members of the AWU get their money back.

  • Joe Bleau

    What a joke you are: “I have no idea how true or untrue the details above are and I am not accusing anyone.”
    Stop wasting everyone’s time.