The Great NRL Scandal (pending)

Posted by – 10 September, 2015

Not surprised that this is not making headlines amongst the Australian media, given that most of the commercial and pay TV sports channels are dependent upon NRL advertising revenue:

Ben Ryan is the coach of the Fiji sevens team and has seen first-hand the deception and duplicity used by unscrupulous agents to lure players abroad. “There are so many flaky agents around,” Ryan says. “Rugby league is doing some disgraceful things in Fiji – sending players one-way tickets to Australia on visas that don’t allow them to play professional sport, so they are immediately breaking the law. Then they outstay their visa, get deported and they are banned from going overseas ever again for work they might have done in the future. That is effectively a life sentence.”

Some of the ‘Fijian’ rugby union players mentioned in the article are essentially Australian like Nemani Nadolo, who happens to play for Fiji because the Waratahs (for some reason) did not want him.