He really is All Talk

Posted by – 14 July, 2013

From the UK Telegraph:

Writing last week in The Australian newspaper, former trades union adviser Kevin Morgan observed: “Conflicts of interest have a moral dimension and no more so than when Rudd denounces ‘Cameronite’ policies while his spouse seeks to profit from them.”

The Rudd company is currently under investigation by the UK Commons Public Accounts Committee over tax issues.

The most recently accounts filed by Ingeus’s UK operation suggest the company paid £2.5 million of corporation tax on gross profits of £38.4 million during 2011. The company legally lowered it’s tax bill by deducting “administrative expenses” of £32.7 million against its profits – a completely legal arrangement that is similar to those used by Google and Starbucks to reduce their corporation tax bills.

Any companies winning work from our Government should not be avoiding paying tax here,” Mr Mitchell said. “That does not appear to be happening in this case and I will be urging the committee to look into this. Tax avoidance by companies is nothing short of a racket – it must be stopped.”

Rudd’s super profit.