Tony Abbott’s budget speech

Posted by – 16 May, 2013

Based on Abbott’s speech I gather the next Coalition government will focus on building trust with the public, going back to basics, while planning for the future via tax reform. This makes sense given the black of hole of trust that currently exists between Parliament and the public. Abbott therefore will not be able to successfully implement radical conservative change without having the public trust that Howard enjoyed.

I’m attracted by devolving power back to the states ¬†and Abbott’s principles¬†based statements on individuals creating wealth not government and taxes not being the government’s money. While Abbott announced more spending cuts tonight, I gather more will be on the way thanks to the impending commission of audit.

It does seem that Abbott wants to replicate Howard’s approach when he was elected: steady the ship in the first term and then at the second term embark on significant reform. We will wait and see.


The health war is being won, but I don’t understand why people should have to pay for their health insurance using after tax income.

Almost 47 per cent of Australians now have private hospital cover, according to Private Health Insurance Administration Council figures released on Thursday. The last time a higher proportion of Australian had private cover was June 1988.


Meanwhile, NSW ALP is ripping itself apart

CRAIG Thomson has landed NSW ALP secretary Sam Dastyari in a bind, with the Coalition requesting an investigation into an alleged offer allowing the MP to exit parliament with his $95,000 entitlement, but without running against his old party.

Gillard of course claims she knows nothing. Is NSW ALP basically a criminal organisation?