Get ready for a Labo(u)r light Tony Abbott as PM

Posted by – 18 April, 2013

The more Abbott talks closer to the election the more Abbott seems like David Cameron in the UK. As opposition leader Abbott has been a little too quick to try and please the ABC set.

Yesterday shadow assistant treasurer Matthias Cormann cast doubt on the scheme, telling a mining forum in Brisbane that the Coalition had not finalised its funding plan.

But, as the Coalition begins the roll-out of its policies ahead of the September 14 election, Mr Abbott has confirmed that the previous policy stands.

The Coalition scheme would be funded by 1.5 per cent levy on companies with taxable incomes of more than $5 million. That would be offset by a 1.5 per cent cut in the company tax rate.

“That’s our policy,” Mr Abbott said today

Well, it’s Tony Abbott’s policy. I don’t think there is much support for it in Coalition ranks. Add Green Army, ‘renewable’ energy targets, etc…get the picture?