As bad as each other

Posted by – 21 March, 2013

The result of today’s leadership poll is basically irrelevant. Labor MPs don’t like either Rudd or Gillard. Chris Ulhmann said today on ABC 24 that a Gillard numbers MP said to him that Gillard was a terrible PM, but Rudd would be worse. So unless a third candidate appears, nothing will really change.

Ulhmann also bagged Conroy’s media censorship laws – a mistake a week from Gillard.

Given that no one challenged Gillard, what the hell was Simon Crean thinking?

  • craig y

    Crean said in his actions, enough is enough. A little too little too late I guess. Gillard will only get less support from the electorate with this days events which will destabilise its bunch of lemmings even more. The seats will tumble like nine pins come election day.