‘No ifs, no buts’ – PM promised surplus over 200 times since May 2010 – ‘Come hell or high water’

Posted by – 20 December, 2012

LABOR has abandoned its election promise to return the budget to surplus this financial year, saying changed economic circumstances mean it must now protect jobs.

Tony Abbott interview here. No one made Gillard promise a surplus: said in 2008 ‘temporary deficit’.

Abbott’s press conference.

  • Craig y

    Dec 6 each year is opposite day but Gillard has taken this to a new level by making every day in her life Dec 6. Whatever is uttered or promised by Gillard will be the opposite. Everyone including the media should know this by now. Bit like the AWU scandal, she says she is completely innocent but we all know this to be the opposite. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opposite_Day

  • Futureproof

    If only Labor could now abandon Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan. Perhaps they could be towed out to see on a leaky boat with one life jacket and a knife