No mercy/rest for the wicked

Posted by – 25 May, 2012

WARNING: mega rant follows

The current ALP government is morally corrupt for a host of reasons covered on this blog and in other forums. A government elected on a lie and kept in power by liars, turncoats and self-interested parasites  – I’m holding back my anger – intent on taking this country down the fiscally bankrupt socialist EU path.

The ALP  no longer represents the hopes and aspirations of this nation, as evidenced by the recent crushing election defeats in QLD and NSW.

(The ALP has not enjoyed legitimate election success since 2007. In Tasmania, the ALP went back on their election commitment not to do a deal with the Greens in order to stay in power, despite the Coalition taking by far the biggest block of votes. In South Australia, the ALP stays on in power via an election gerrymander, which allows them to consistently win elections with less than 50 per cent of the vote on 2PP.)

Craig Thomson should not be in Parliament, and if we had a government and speaker that were above approach then in all likelihood the speaker would have issued an arrest warrant  for Thomson and he would be in jail.

Any thought therefore of going easy or soft on Thomson should not be entertained. There is right and wrong and it could not be more clear that Thomson and his ALP cohorts are wrong.

Thomson is in Parliament because Gillard needs his vote, and Thomson needs Parliamentary privilege to help shield him from legal prosecution and bankroll any further legal fees he may incur. There is nothing about this arrangement that is in the national interest, and the national interest must come before individuals as corrupt as Gillard and Thomson.

  • John Comnenus

    And if Abbott’s comments re Thomson are a section 28 offense, then why wasn’t organizing the Australia Day Riot a s28 offense? And why have the Federal Police never investigated the Australia Day Riot and it’s links to the PM? Oh, that’s right, the Police only ever investigate the ALP when the stench becalmed overwhelming. The Federal Police are starting to look like the ALP’s storm troopers.

  • Ashotas

    Thomson should not be sitting in Parliament, the whole country knows he is guilty, he is corrupt and is being kept there by a corrupt PM so that she can stay in power. What this government has shown Australians is it’s ok to lie and steal, it will be okay long as someone can defend you. Not a good example for young children that’s for sure. Everyone of those Labor people who defend this grub is as guilty as him. I doubt anyone of them will have a seat after the next election. Anna in Qld only told a couple of lies, we counted the days for an election and showed her how we felt about her. Julia is next, the longer she stays there, the worse off she will be. Gillard is a twice unelected Prime Minister, and she will never be elected, what embarrassment she has brought to our country.

  • dorothy dix

    Lets hope once Tony Abbott becomes Pm all these scum bags are taken to court and charged for  there corruption number one being Gillard who is responsible for all of the Lies bullying and treason I have in all my elder years of watching politics in this country have I ever seen such blatant disrespect for the Australian People we want an Election Now