Does Rugby League have rules anymore….

Posted by – 23 May, 2012

…at least rules that make sense. How can a video ref in Rugby League award a try when the player loses the ball forward and then dives on it? Worse still, how can a RL video ref award a try when there is no clear evidence that a player has actually scored a try. Seems rules in RL are suggestions, while the referees enforcement them based on a hunch.

Anyone viewing the video of Greg Inglis ‘scoring’ a try in tonight’s State of Origin will understand what I am talking about.

As usual Channel 9 is loathed to say anything too negative about RL officialdom or the farcical nature of RL rules. The salesman like commentary has worn very thin.

  • John

    Please…don’t get me started! What an absolute disgrace. A perfect example of how to ruin what should be considered a great game. We’ll never know who really won…the referees decided the match again. Of course Ray Warren and Peter Stirling have nothing to say about it…they know where their pay is coming from. What a ridiculous end to the game. Corruption is alive and well. I’m now officially following the Sydney Swans!

  • Futureproof

    The ghost of Barry Gomersall is lurking around the refs of State of Origin

  • Chris

    good numb nuts go and support the swans.hopefully you get a VIP seat in the Bradman stand while it’s being demolished.You obviously gave your guide dog the night off because if your eyes were’nt painted on you would know that’s a try every single week.Check out the roosters first try in 2010 grand final. 

  • shocko

    The nsw coach said it was a try learn the rules!