Let’s run the numbers

Posted by – 16 May, 2012

1.6 million families are due to receive compensation for the carbon tax today. Good news? Not really.

According to Greg Combet, of those 1.6 million families 1/3 will not receive enough compensation to cover the increase in costs due to the carbon tax. In 2011 there were 6.4 million families in Australia. So that’s only around 17 per cent of families that will have their costs covered, assuming Treasury models are correct. Given the last minute cash splash handout announced by the government in the Budget, it seems Swan thinks Treasury may be wrong. It is safe to assume therefore that 17 per cent is an upper band figure of families that will not be worse off because of the new tax.

Hardly seems fair. So much for only the big polluters paying.

  • Craig y

    Lets hope some of these dumb voters out there see all this how it really is! On the other front of tax cuts to compensate for the carbon tax, the voters are due for a tax cut anyway so its seems 1.6 m families are getting a extra cash splash which is means tested and the rest are getting nothing but a minor tax cut and of course self funded retired people get nothing at all. I think this is going to be another pink bat shambles coming up.

  • Futureproof

    The carbon tax Bill is the most complex legislation ever passed by Parliament.  It is being run by idiots who could not manage Green Schemes, Pink Batts or school canteens too small for a pie oven.  The most hopeless government ever in the histgory of Australia and probably in the top 50 of most useless political parties in world history.  Billions roll of the lips of Wayne Swan as simply as saying the skie is blue.  Wayne Swan’s credentials for managing the economy are based on his experience collecting morning tea orders when he was a union boy.  Of course, heading up this whole shambles is a PM who sprukes working families and who has never changed a nappy, driven kids to soccer/hockey/gym, who, lies at the drop of a hat.  Then there’s Craig Emmerson, the loyal lapdog, who can be found laying at the feet of Gillard licking her toes.  He is supposed to have a PhD in economics.  His degree must have been around the time where PhDs in environmental science could be obtained through prior experience as a bin emptyier at Maccas.

  • Tigger

    Perhaps the people not being compensated enough could reduce their consumption and live more sustainably and thereby not be impacted?  That, after all is what a carbon price is for….

  • Craig y

    Ahh..Spoken by a real far left green. The carbon price is a means to make certain people rich by taking from others. The carbon price has nothing to do with saving the environment.

  • shannon

     Just what do you call “more sustainable” Trigger…..
    Do you or your “brain washed” idiots..look at the fine details of this statement..
    How does a pensioner ..who for years .change/adjust any more..
    Most I know go to bed at 730pm or earlier .NOW through Winter,just to keep warm..ie..They cut their power bills ..already !!
    They all grew up during the Depression or are the start of the “baby boomers”…They have lived for decades being conservative..they are experts..
    They CANT cut down or out any further then they are already…
    Just goes to show ..just how inexperienced and dense you and your “experts”
    really are….You know “jack shit”…about life and living !!