Budget 2012/13 in 100 words

Posted by – 9 May, 2012

For Budget 2012/13: cut defence by $5.4 billion over the forward estimates, dole out $6.5 billion more in welfare in FY12/13, increase ‘special purpose’ payments (re-election fund) by $6.4 billion in FY12/13, shift $6.76 billion of expenditure from FY12/13 into FY11/12, gouge $815 million in dividend payments from government business entities in FY12/13, increase taxes by $50.9 billion over the forward estimates, and rely on unrealistically high income, company and GST tax-revenue forecasts based on out-dated GDP estimates – at odds with RBA GDP estimates – to get you into a surplus in FY12/13 and another term in office.


Abbott’s right of reply address was unconventional, powerful and effective. It is just another little bit of ammunition that will hit the ALP. My favourite part was when Abbott called the carbon tax as socialism dressed up as environmentalism, or words to the effect. I’d prefer to call it socialism dressed up as science.

  • Craig y

    Could have said it in 95 words, ie: leave off the last 5 words as most intelligent people see through the spin and deception. 

  • evan

    The truly sad part is that a significant number of Australians will think Labor is wonderful.

  • Craig y

    Its all about brainwashing the masses by Labor. A weak mind will always fall. A prime example is all Labor senior ministers constantly calling Abbott ‘Dr No’ with no policies and he’s out of touch etc etc. How many people have you spoke to have fallen for these lines. Have a look at this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeMZGGQ0ERk