The freedom haters are slowly losing control

Posted by – 12 April, 2012

Take one Anita Heiss, a cultural welfare junkie who is paid $90k by the Australia Council to write about how tough life is living in Paris at tax-payers expense. What a rort? Heiss also happens to have some distant aboriginal genealogy who sued to shut down Andrew Bolt for having the temerity to question her aboriginality and the special access this gives her to Federal revenue. Thanks to a politicised judiciary, a poorly written Federal law and a couple of mistakes Bolt made in his article, Heiss and her fellow revenue rustlers won the case. Both the ABC and Random House shut down comments on her latest book, “Am I black enough for you?”, Amazon is open for business though:

Heiss, whose memoir is partly a response to Bolt, did not want to comment last night and in the US had not responded last night.

Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner, Helen Szoke, said racist views published outside Australia but accessible here posed a growing – and challenging – problem.

‘Racist’ being used in a fairly meaningless way to shut down dissenting opinion. Apparently the books are very poorly written as well, Catallaxy Files:

That she received a $90 000 grant from the federal government’s Australia Council for the Arts to write Am I Black Enough for You? lends support to Campbell Newman’s decision to scrap the Premier’s Literature Award.

  • Michellerb

    why don’t you have the courage to put your real name to this crap

  • Craig

    All i see is a bunch of facts and personal opinion. The real crap is the loss of freedom of speech brought about be a groups actions in court and then have one write a book about it with taxpayers money! 

  • Allien

     Since when have Australians had ‘Freedom of Speech’? And to date, the only ones questioning Anita Heiss’ Aboriginality are white folks. The Australia Council invested $163 Million (2010-11) in Australian artists, is it the 90K that bothers you, or that an Aboriginal woman bothered to successfully apply and be granted funds? And aren’t Australians entitled to take appropriate legal action against idiots like Bolt and their wild inaccurate statements? Or doesnt that apply to Aboriginal Australians?