What’s the problem?

Posted by – 18 March, 2012

Penny Wong says:

Finance Minister Penny Wong has released a costings document that finds the Opposition’s policies would put the budget $9 billion in deficit next financial year.

Well the current budget is in deficit of between $30 to $40 billion, so $9 billion is a good start.

  • Justin

    Penny’s figures are wong, how do you go from a $40billion deficit one year and to a surplus the next year without fiddling the books?

  • evan

    Maybe they should focus on their own budget rather than the Oppositions (who aren;t even in government yet). Sounds like a weak attempt to divert attention from their own poor performace.

  • Futureproof

    Penny Wong couldn’t even run the Tuesday afernoon scone and tea party with the local bowls club.  A bit rich to attack the opposition.