The great euthanasia lie

Posted by – 19 September, 2010

Bob Brown is seeking to pressure his political partner Julia Gillard to push through plans to allow the territories to pass euthanasia bills. Euthanasia is merely legalised suicide. Invariably it starts out to assist terminally ill patients, then those without terminal illness, then those with mental conditions and eventually people that have simply given up any hope to live for a range of social and psychological reasons. Australia’s number one euthanasia advocate Phillip Nitschke has publicly stated that he wants very few restrictions on the practice, be it for age or reason. In every country where euthanasia has been implemented it has morphed into legalised suicide for adults and infanticide for children – all throughout the relevant European countries and even in the Northern Territory. For the short period euthanasia was legalised in the NT during 1996, most people that were killed under legislation had depression not a terminal illness.

Euthanasia is a not a compassionate response to mental suffering, but the easy way out for people like Bob Brown that don’t want to support with those without loving friends and family you have no desire to live. It is the type of manifestation you get from leftists who have destroyed traditional family social structures and their supporting function, because of the left’s preponderance with government growth and social experimentation.

“This won’t bring in euthanasia but it will restore the rights of the Territorians to be able to legislate for euthanasia the same as everybody in the states,” Senator Brown told Network Ten today.

“While this Bill is about territory rights, a huge majority of Australians support voluntary euthanasia and it is time for federal parliament to openly debate the issue.

This issue was debated during John Howard’s first term in office, in which a conscience vote was had and Bob Brown lost. Bob Brown’s attempts to frame the debate as being about territory rights is also dishonest. It is about legalising suicide and infanticide.  He should be open about what he really wants. For instance, Bob Brown once co-wrote a book with the other infamous Green, academic Peter Singer. They advocate infanticide, allowing it to be legal up to 6 months of a child’s life. From the National Review Online:

In case you’re not freezing yet: Singer explains that, “Newborn human babies have no sense of their own existence over time.” Hence, they’re disposable.

Infant euthanasia (Have you ever imagined seeing those two words together?) is the practice Singer is discussing. And don’t confuse it with abortion. We’re talking out-of-the-womb, mom-has-delivered, right-here-with-you-and-me babies. Where’s it happening? In Europe and the Netherlands, specifically — although word of it is slowly spreading. In Holland, the Associated Press reports that “at least five newborn mercy killings occur for every one reported.”

This is the future Bob Brown wants this country to inherit.


AMA head Dr Andrew Pesce has indicated that there are better ways to deal with paitent pain and death than implementing euthanasia.

  • Australian Tea Party

    When the totalitarianists interfere in the preserve of the right to be born live and die, the time for revolution and insurrection has come round again.

  • roy

    perhaps Bob Brown could show us all how it’s done, go for it Bob.

  • Brontex

    I imagine that dying painfully and slowly is no picnic. Hope there’s no shortage of morphine when it is my time to go. Frankly, all these side issues are detracting from the govt. from getting on with running the country. In fact, are we all sure that they really know how to? I have my doubts but hope to be proven wrong.