Queensland to Howard: ‘we got it wrong in 2007’

Posted by – 22 August, 2010

Some voters couldn’t bring themselves yesterday to admit they got it wrong in 2007 and vote Liberal. It appears that not all of the Greens preferences went to Labor. Enough must have preferenced the Coalition to possibly get Tony Abbott across the line.

While the vote is still undecided what is clear is that firstly the next government will likely be a minority government. Secondly the momentum is with Tony Abbott. It seems my prediction of a late swing to the Coalition in the final night of the campaign was enough. I never believed the Galaxy 52-48 2PP to ALP poll. Given that Abbott has the momentum it would seem likely that he will be the person most likely to form government. Big call I know, but his speech last night was made by someone that realises they are in the driver’s seat.

Third and a big however. I don’t rate the three country independents at all. They are a trio of unprincipled players that will do what ever it takes to get their hobbies across the line regardless of the impact on the rest of the nation.

See what happens.

  • http://inheritedtigers.blogspot.com Inherited Tiger

    Anthony Green is predicting 75 to Coalition 72 to ALP which means the red menace is toast once more. Please Almighty let it be so. Even if not, unprincipled as yesterday’s men aka the 3 agrarian socialist independents are, they would indeed face annihilation in their electorates if they sided with the ALP. And we’d be back at the polls so fast they’d have no time to line their pockets before being put to the sword.

    Abbott has government and he is patient and tough enough to make it work.

    Compare and contrast to the devious faithless stalinist monster he has soundly defeated.

    Channel 7, Womens Weekly and the rest of you media scum: take note.

    The people have spoken.